Diamond bead wire saws are generally divided into four series according to the cutting objects: concrete series, marble series, granite series, and heterosexual series. They mainly play a sawing role and are a kind of saw. Theoretically speaking, if it is matched with sufficient mechanical devices and A long enough diamond Wire Saw can completely cut the earth into two halves, because the diamond contained in the beads on the wire saw is the hardest substance in nature, and it can cut any material.

Diamond beaded rope is not only used in concrete cutting and dismantling of thick structures, mining and cutting of stone in mines, cutting and decomposing of large metal copper, aluminum and steel blocks, etc., it is also a portable and practical emergency rescue tool. Diamond beaded rope has excellent characteristics such as easy to carry, high work efficiency, stable cutting performance, safe and easy operation, not easy to accidentally hurt, and can cut hard objects. It plays an extremely important role in disaster sites such as earthquakes and car accidents. Diamond beaded rope can be said to be a good helper for mankind.

Diamond bead wire saw is a kind of saw designed to cut brittle and hard materials by using the principle of wire sawing wood breaking. Wire saws are widely used in mining granite, marble and other quarries, replacing the traditional methods of punching or drilling holes for construction, greatly improving work efficiency.

Advantages of diamond beaded wire saw, remote control wire saw Cutting Machine, diamond wire saw machine, reinforced concrete cutting machine, electric roller wire saw, concrete wire saw cutting machine:

  • 1. The electric wire saw machine is simple to operate and low in cost;
  • 2. The remote control wire saw cutting machine has low power consumption and less waste of raw materials;
  • 3. The flexibility of the diamond wire saw is not limited by the size of the workplace;
  • 4. The diamond beaded wire saw/stone cutting machine strictly controls the quality of raw materials;
  • 5. Diamond beaded rope is wear-resistant and sharp, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and has good tensile properties;
  • 6. Shanghai Zongsen has automatic production equipment for diamond beaded rope to ensure the stability of quality and performance;
  • 7. The reinforced concrete cutting machine is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly to use;
  • 8. According to the difference in use, diamond bead wire saws are mainly used for cutting reinforced concrete, for quarrying, forming, slab cutting, etc.

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