Brainstorm&corrugated paper laser Cutting Machine

Aside from being waste recovery materials and boxes, it seems to there is no better way out for box and single color corrugated paper.

Of course not! Please look at the whims of designer. 


Graypants design company redesign the corrugated paper. It will become a beautiful corrugated paper chimney of ceiling lamp by using laser cutting into a concentric circle and then paste it. It not only take full advantage of the material, but also eco-environment.

The corrugated paper ceiling lamp,

corrugated paper brainstorm,,

laser cutting machine can do this.

Through the special cavitation shape of corrugated paper could cast beautiful shadow onto the wall.

It’s exotic that hang on such lamp in restaurant, hotel or being family dinner droplight. It also make eating become a kind of joy life mode.

Corrugated paper is favored because of its less material consumption, spontaneous decomposition and recyclable. Therefore some designer made various kinds of fun stuff by using corrugated paper.

Corrugated paper could be used for the ipad base. It’s very easy, cheap and environmentally friendly! The Corrugated paper laser cutting machine could help you make it easily.

The ipad base can be placed lying or upright. It’s weightless to carry with you. You won’t sad even if you lose it.

Corrugated paper also could be used for supermarket background plate, promotion

display counter, display stand, showing stand, goods shelf and so on. Laser cutting could finish production and manufacturing on large-scale, high cutting efficiency and low labor cost.

GD HAN’S YUEMING LASER   Equipment recommendation  


Universal laser cutting engraving machine

◆The software supports the speckle path compensation. You can design path optimization program on the software.

◆Support dynamic display which will show process path and coordinate point, real-time work track display.

◆Support breakpoint carving, power failure recovery, processing time and other functions. and processing time could accurate millisecond precision. 

◆The machine is suitable for nonmetallic material like Wood, paper, epoxy resin, acrylic, plastic, rubber and bamboo, Leather goods, mobile phone accessories, adhesive, plastic water mouth, cell phone protection film etc.

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