Compared with traditional saw blades, the concrete diamond beaded Wire Saw is not restricted by the size of the building, and can cut in any direction, such as crosscut, vertical, diagonal, etc., free of construction vibration, noise, dust and environment The problem is that the efficiency is extremely high, and it can be controlled remotely for underwater cutting.

In recent years, due to its short preparation time, flexible cutting, low noise, low dust, low pollution, and energy saving, diamond beaded rope has been successfully applied and promoted in the demolition of large-scale building components, making it “green” in the 21st century. Selection of demolition tools. Diamond beaded rope cutting has more advantages than traditional cutting. It can be used for cutting large objects, with high cutting efficiency, large output, and reducing waste of resources. It also has the characteristics of cutting objects regularly and not damaging the internal structure of the object being cut.

Partial abrasion of the diamond bead wire saw machine means that during the construction of the diamond bead wire saw, the diamond beads are not worn uniformly along the circumference, but only one side of the bead is worn, resulting in serious wear on the side of the bead or even to the wire rope, but the other side is There is a relatively thick working layer, which greatly shortens the life of the diamond wire saw and is scrapped in advance.

Based on experience: For electric wire saws, shaping and special-shaped wire saws used in the domestic market, 61 structural steel wire ropes are used to twist the number of turns 1.5-2 turns/m; while for mining, diamond wire saws are used, and 133 structural steel wire ropes are used for twisting. The number of laps is 3-4 laps/meter.

Before using the diamond wire saw, pre-twist the wire rope 1.5-4 turns/m, and then butt. When working, the remote-controlled electric wire saw rotates on its axis around the axis to drive the beads to be transported, so as to achieve uniform wear. Generally speaking, a soft wire rope, such as the 133 structure, has a smaller internal force due to the same number of twists, so the number of twists should be appropriately increased.

When using the concrete wire saw Cutting Machine, it is accustomed to use a large amount of knife, the number of torsion cycles should be increased as well. In the middle and late stages of use, the number of torsion cycles should be appropriately increased due to fatigue of the wire rope.

Reasons for eccentric wear of concrete diamond wire saw:

  • Before use, there is no twisting at all or the number of twisting turns is not enough;
  • Excessive amount of the knife, the beads exert too much pressure on the cutting object, resulting in excessive friction between the beads and the cutting object, which prevents the beads from rotating around the axis of the wire rope.

Concrete diamond wire saw solution:

  1. Standard use, in accordance with the requirements, and the use of different conditions, the wire saw is pre-twisted before the wire saw is connected;
  2. Regularly check the wire saw during use. Once eccentric wear is found, increase the number of twisting turns after cutting. Depending on the eccentric wear, the increase can vary from 20% to 100%;
  3. Reduce the amount of cutting.

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