When you use laser marking equipment, you must not only understand its installation and operation methods, but also need to understand some adjustment methods, such as adjusting the laser marking equipment indicating red light. If you don’t understand this, you may be There is a problem, today I will give you a specific introduction on how to adjust the red light of the laser marking equipment.

  • 1. When using laser marking equipment, the rear baffle of the optical bench and the red light of the semiconductor should be indicated. Because the light of the laser is invisible to the naked eye, the red laser is used as the reference of the optical path. This red light must be in the same direction as the laser.
  • 2. On the red light adjustment tube of the laser marking equipment, there are six adjusting nuts, which are divided into two sets. The first three are used to control the front of the red light laser, and the last three are used To control the rear of the red laser. The goal of their adjustment is to keep the red laser and the optical bench parallel.
  • 3. When adjusting the red light of the laser marking equipment, first place the dimming sheet close to the red light, that is, at the rear point of the optical bench, first adjust the three adjustment nuts in the front Adjust so that the red light hits the center of the cross.
  • 4. Next, place the dimming block far away from the red light, which is the front point of the optical bench. When the red light is found to deviate from the center of the cross, you need to adjust the last three nuts to Make the red light shine in the center of the cross. Then repeat the operations above until the red light hits the center position regardless of whether it is at a near point or a far point.

When you use laser marking equipment to adjust the red light, you can follow the above method. Since the light path of the red light is parallel to the optical bench, its height should also be the center height of the yag rod. be consistent. After completing the above steps, you can install the front baffle of the laser marking equipment.

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