Laser Engraving Machine Equipped with Rotary Device

We cannot live without exquisite art wares like beautiful wooden jewelry box, exquisite tea box and others. They are carved or hollowed with excellent technique. How such exquisite beautiful art wares are being made? Laser engraving machine with rotary device is here to help you solve the problem.

As the characters of cube, cylinder and other three-dimensional products, they are difficult to process for general machine. And ordinary die cutter processing looks rough and unstable and need skilled workers, so laser engraving machine with rotary device appears is particulary important, which help manufacturers achieve perfet engraving effect and save labor cost.

The model of CMA6040K2/1080K2/1390K2 lifting platform fine laser engraving machine, we also called rotary laser engraving machine or laser engraving machine with rotary device. Han’s Yueming Laser R&D personnel in order to develop a variety crafts for laser processing machine, after years of hard work and experiments, finally successfully developed a laser engraving machine with rotary device that is suitable for rules three-dimension crafts processing. The following analysis advantages bellow:
First, it is a rotary engraving machine specifically for the need of processing rules square, cylindrical or semi-cylindrical and other 3D objects. It can optional rotary fixture that can easy process this kind materials.
Second, in order to process material with different thickness, it configured automatic lifting platform that can engrave any thickness material easily. For example, it can engrave sophisticated pattern on calabash, coconut shell.
Third, it can according to customers’ special processing need to replace configuration, such as different cellular worktable with different pore sizes or different specification knives worktable.
Laser engraving machine with rotary device is a superior performance laser engraver, which can be widely used in bamboo, wood, glass engraving, which is with its advanced technology leading the development of crafts processing industry development.

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