Metal laser Cutting Machine creates artistic clothes rack

Clothes rack is an important part of home decoration, which can meet the different needs of home decoration. With the creation of laser technology, clothes rack is no longer the traditional old style. Metal laser cutting machine creates art clothes rack and hangs up the happiness of life. 

Stainless steel sheets are cut out of the shape of city buildings by metal laser cutting machine. The front and rear building silhouettes shows three-dimensional visual impression. The clothes rack looks like a well-designed mural when you hang several beautiful clothes and handbags on it.

The modern BECAUSE clothes rack is made of spring steel which cut by metal laser cutting machine. The ingenious creative application adds different simplicity to the home. 

Simple hooks can make full use of the wall. Using metal laser cutting machine as painting brush to paint on metal plate drawing board, it becomes beautiful scenery in the home. 

Metal laser cutting machine not only change the appearance of clothes rack but also quality of life. The integration of laser technology and modern life injects new blood into contemporary home. 

Recommending metal laser cutting machine

Gantry rack dual drive fiber laser cutting machine series

1. Gantry rack double drive system, reinforced welding body. The stress is eliminated by tempering and vibration aging to ensure that the machine deformation tolerance is within 0.02 mm;

2. High performance German imported laser generator: Continuous cutting high reflecting material, such as copper, brass, galvanized sheet, to achieve high precision cutting of metal sheets;

3. Crossbeam are made through drawing and finishing process: Light weight, high rigidity, high dynamic performance;

4. Cutting head has the leapfrog function, parabolic motion between the cutting contours. Automatic frog jump during switching contours, high cutting efficiency;

5. Automatic concentrated lubrication function, automatic lubrication for traditional parts by system control. No manual intervention is needed so as to ensure the accuracy and service life of the moving part;

6. Metal laser cutting machine equipped with professional metal sheet cutting software, support AI, DXF, PLT graph data format, easy to learn and use and reduce the requirements of the operator. 

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