• 1. Fix the tap water pipe at the designated position, place the water pipes at different cutting points, and open the tap water valve before starting the diamond Wire Saw. The diamond wire saw must maintain the water supply throughout the cutting process.
  • 2. Connect the industrial power supply (three-phase five-core 10 square cable) in advance to the power supply port of the electric wire saw Cutting Machine, check whether the power indicator of the power distribution box is on, and turn on the emergency stop switch on the distribution box. Bounce.
  • 3. Adjust the right and left or up and down positions of the guide wheel, the directional wheel and the main flywheel on the main body of the concrete wire saw cutting machine to ensure that the direction of the diamond beaded rope is consistent with the direction of the market.
  • 4. Wear the diamond bead saw rope in the order of the holes. Note that the arrow direction of the diamond bead rope should be consistent with the cutting direction of the wire saw.
  • 5. Strengthen the diamond beaded rope with 2 to 3 turns per meter, and use hydraulic pliers and crimping joints to crimp the diamond saw rope to form a close, and place the diamond rope on the driving disc.
  • 6. Turn on the remote control wire saw cutting machine controller switch.
  • 7. Adjust the walking direction switch of the small motor control button to FORWARD or BACKWARD.
  • 8. Rotate the walking controller to control the walking speed to adjust the tension of the diamond beaded rope. When the rope tension reaches the requirement, the controller will reset to zero.
  • 9. According to the concrete wire saw cutting requirements, turn the host rotary switch to “forward” or “reverse”, and press the large motor start button of the remote wire saw controller.
  • 10. Rotate the small motor speed controller on the remote wire saw controller to control the traveling speed of the small motor, and the concrete wire saw cutting starts.
  • 11. The traveling speed of the small motor can be adjusted at any time according to the cutting situation of the diamond bead wire saw to achieve a more cutting effect.
  • 12. If the tension of the diamond beaded rope does not meet the requirements, the machine can be shut down. Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 to adjust the rope. After adjustment, proceed to steps 9, 10, and 11 to cut concrete beams, supporting beams, etc. of thick structures.
  • 13. Before the start or end of the reinforced concrete cutting machine, try to adjust the speed of the small motor to a low speed state to avoid damage and wear to the diamond rope during strong vibration.
  • 14. When the diamond wire saw machine finishes cutting, reset all controllers to zero. The large motor transfer switch is at the middle stop position. Press the emergency stop button to prevent misoperation.

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