[Smart laser, fine marking] Full-protection UV laser marking machine

Although the chip is small, it is one of the most important weapon of the country. Also, the development of the chip has great impact on the technological progress of the entire industry and even the entire country. At present, our country is trying to make progress in the field of chips, but the development of chips is not that easy. It has high technological contents and involves many processes, such as the chip marking process. Whether it is a mobile phone chip or a chip of other hardware products, in order to identify and distinguish, some patterns and texts are marked on the surface of materials to convey important information such as models, serial numbers, production numbers, manufacturers, and place of origins.


As the chip manufacturing process becomes more and more sophisticated, the risk of chip processing is increasing, and it requires more precise processing and not easy to be damaged. Regarding the features of chip marking processing, chip marking processing technology products — full protection UV laser marking machine is introduced by Yueming Laser Group. The full protection UV laser marking machine has a small processing heat affected area, good beam quality and focused small spot, so that can realize ultra-fine marking of chips.


Full Protection UV Laser Marking Machine



Equip with imported UV laser generator to guarantee high-quality laser beam, smaller laser spot, hyperfine marking, and high definition;

Extremely small heat-affected zone, almost no thermal effect on the material, which prevents materials from deformation, damage or burning;

Suitable for large range of material than infrared laser;

Imported high speed digital scanning galvanometer enjoys compact volume, high speed and superior stability;

The whole machine has stable performance and low power consumption;

The totally enclosed protection design can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation when endangers human health




Suitable for fine marking of PVC, plastics, leather, metal, glass, LCD screen, thin ceramic, monocrystalline silicon wafer, IC grain, sapphire, etc. It is popular for precise marking of electronics industry.


Advantages of technology


  High precision — laser marking is fine and precise and non-contact processing. Thin lines below 0.1mm and characters and numbers within 0.5mm can be marked on the surface of the materials, which is especially suitable for electronic chips that require very small graphics and texts

  High efficiency — UV marking machine has a high degree of automation, fast marking speed, and more intelligent production control;

  Permanence — Electronic chips have high requirements for marking quality, clarity and permanence. The laser marking machine can achieve permanent and clear marking of the chips, and the marking will not fade due to external factors such as high temperature, acidity and alkalinity, friction, etc.


With the upgrade of 3C electronic products, the chip is undoubtedly the heart and brain of the entire system in devices such as mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. Also, its quality affects the performance of the entire system. Yueming Laser Group's full-protection UV laser marking machine can make up for the shortcomings of traditional processing such as silk-screen printing. Full-protection UV laser marking machine has become a popular processing tool in chip marking. If you want to know more about the full protection UV laser marking machine, please call the hotline: 0769-8983 8888.

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