The fashion collision between cotton cheongsam and laser technology

A stylish cotton commoner, is gradually become relaxed, casual attitude toward life. An advanced fabric laser technology, is gradually working towards the apparel market, a new force. Han’s Yueming laser tries its best to make every girl owns the charming by the cutting cloth.

Cheongsam is Chinese traditional clothing, affecting the world most and popular among world. It is "the most recognized in the world today and on behalf of Chinese clothing." It fully demonstrated the kind of unique charming Eastern beauty. That countless undying Oriental artistically, shows subtle and elegant Oriental female charm.

Cotton, always appear together with cloth gown. In ancient, cotton is the first choice of mass society, a culture is formed by thousands of years, it also represents a spirit, the return of "Commoner spirit", is also the interpretation of a collision of retro style and fashion. When you walk in the street, you occasionally meet clothes commoner, will it make you feel different?

Gardenia open, perfect temperament , fresh and elegant
Cotton commoner came back to the people's life, combined with the perfect dress, highlights the soft beauty of women.
laser technology 's charm is that it can cut the departments and regions seriously into the appropriate cotton cloth, or carved out a fine pattern, after the late tailor, the most beautiful dress appears in front of people.
It can say that, the cotton gets the most charm, the cheongsam owns the most beautiful dress, laser technology boasts the optimal device. Cotton cheongsam is fresh and elegant beauty when meet with laser.

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