For many factories, the use of laser requires a relatively high cost, but the results obtained are of high quality. In order to pursue quality and quality, many factories still choose laser as the main production. The development situation of laser soldering will be formed according to market demand and fluctuations. result. So what are the easily overlooked aspects of laser soldering?

1. It is easy to not understand the consequences of temperature control

Soldering itself is a kind of control and change of temperature. It can change the state of tin and achieve the purpose by adjusting the temperature. Therefore, laser soldering is easily overlooked because it does not understand the role of temperature control and Results, if the temperature is not well grasped, it may cause the results to fail or the laser emission is not stable enough.

2. It is easy to not know enough about the metal to affect the casting result

Because the characteristics of the metal itself and its activity will affect the results of soldering, it is necessary to pay attention to the communication and understanding of the metal in advance when performing laser soldering, and you can more carefully observe the metal that we need to cast. The characteristics and the degree of its activity, the purpose of this is to better understand the meaning and manufacturing methods of the metal itself.

Third, it is easy to misunderstand the laser that the price is too high

Many customers may not fully understand the soldering process and knowledge points when choosing soldering, so it is easy to ignore the existence of the product and the manufacturing process itself when performing laser soldering. Instead, they pay too much attention to the word laser and think that the price may be too high. Sorry, but in fact, laser technology is relatively popular in the market and the price is low.

Which one is good for laser soldering can be selected according to the local market price and the delivery supplier. Laser soldering is easy to ignore the importance of temperature control and cause more serious consequences, and it is easy to not have a deep understanding of the metal, which affects the subsequent casting results and reduces the production method. At the same time, it is easy to misunderstand the laser and think that the product price is too high, which leads to fear Cooperation and purchase.

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