Nowadays, it is very common to choose laser cutting equipment when performing cutting operations. Such high-end precision equipment must pay attention to maintenance while using it, otherwise it will increase the failure rate and affect the final cutting effect. Today Let’s talk about the general maintenance knowledge of most types of laser cutting equipment.

  • First, when it comes to the maintenance knowledge of laser cutting equipment, we first start with the use environment and daily cleaning. This type of equipment actually has certain requirements for the use environment, such as the amount of floating dust in the air and whether there is huge vibration, etc., and The cleanliness of the use environment requires attention. On the one hand, it should be used in an environment that meets the requirements, and on the other hand, it can be professionally cleaned on a regular basis on a scale.
  • Second, this type of high-power equipment will face heat dissipation problems, so the heat dissipation of laser cutting equipment is also one of the maintenance items. In the use environment, ventilation should be done to assist the heat dissipation of the equipment as much as possible, and laser cutting equipment is also available in this book. Match the heat dissipation equipment, and regularly check whether there are problems with the heat dissipation equipment to ensure that the heat dissipation of the equipment is fully up to the standard.
  • Third, in fact, after operating laser cutting equipment, you will find that this type of equipment itself is sophisticated and therefore demanding for use. Operators must be professionally trained before they can operate, and pay attention to whether equipment appears during the operation. Leakage and interference, and the equipment is most afraid of vibration, which will not only cause components to deviate from the original position and cause failure, but also affect the cutting effect due to vibration, so these aspects must also be paid attention to during maintenance.

What I just mentioned are the points that need to be paid attention to during daily use of laser cutting equipment. Because this type of equipment is very precise, it is necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance. Moreover, the above-mentioned all belong to general knowledge. You should also understand specific maintenance knowledge for specific equipment.

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