Concrete Cut – What Is Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting refers to the construction technology that uses tools such as hydraulic wall saws, electric disc saws, water drills or road cutters to cut concrete components, walls, and road surfaces. It has the characteristics of strong cutting ability, non-destructive static force, high efficiency, water cooling, and no construction dust.

Concrete Cut
Concrete Cut

The concrete cutting machines on the market are of mixed quality, and some of them are far from being able to adapt to and meet the needs of users.

New concrete cutting machine.

The concrete cutting machine is composed of six parts: a frame, a turning table, a cross-cutting mechanism, a horizontal cutting car, a hydraulic system and an electric control system.

1. Rack

It is composed of left and right longitudinal beams, cross beams, columns, racks, pointed rails, etc. The main function is to make the horizontal cutting car move horizontally on the track and the cross-cutting mechanism to move vertically on the track.

2. Crosscutting mechanism

It is composed of cross-cutting frame, transmission and span device, guide wheel, swing device, cutting wire, etc. The driving and spanning device drives the cross-cutting frame to cut the blank vertically, and the cutting steel wire swings in both directions at the same time.

3.horizontal cutting car

It is composed of a frame, a scraper device, a trimming device, a transmission device, a string hanging column, a grooved wheel group, and a Pinglun group. Two sets of grooved wheels and two sets of flat wheels are respectively installed on both sides of the horizontal cutting car. The transmission device drives the horizontal cutting car to walk back and forth on the tip rail and the flat rail to realize horizontal cutting and “breadhead” cutting.

4. Turnover table

It is composed of turning frame, cart, trolley, turning main cylinder and walking cylinder, etc. Its function is to use the blank placed horizontally on the turning table cart to flip forward 90° and move to the cutting position for horizontal and vertical cutting And six-sided cutting, and then flip back to the starting position after finishing the cutting.

5. Hydraulic system

It is composed of oil station, motor, oil pump, various valves, pipe joints, etc. The main function is to make the turning table turn 90° smoothly and accurately, and the cart and trolley move to the corresponding position synchronously.

6. Electrical control system

According to requirements, realize manual and automatic control of all actions.

The Cutting Characteristics Of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the use of water-cooled diamond track or wire saw cutting machine to open holes and remove the concrete. The construction speed is fast, the noise is low, there is no vibration, the quality is good, and it has no effect on the building structure. It is a replacement for electric hammers, pneumatic picks, and manual drills. The most advanced technology for the construction of machines with large vibrations.

Safe construction requirements

  • Before starting, check whether the motor and cable are normal, whether the protective grounding, protective device, saw blade meet the requirements, and whether the installation is correct.
  •  After starting, run the saw blade with no load first, check the direction of the saw blade’s rotation, whether the saw blade is flexible, and whether the operation is abnormal.
  • The cutting thickness should not exceed the factory regulations of the machine.
  • Prevent jamming of saw blades, wire saws, etc.
  • In the concrete cutting operation, if there is an abnormal sound, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.
  • The size of the cut concrete block should be strictly calculated.
  • After operation, clean the machine body, dry the saw blade wire saw, drain the remaining water in the water tank, take back the cable, and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

Cutting Pprocess

Overview and Application of Reinforced Concrete Cutting Technology

As the pace of urbanization accelerates, the concrete cutting process changes with each passing day. In large cities, the ground can no longer meet traffic requirements. Urban traffic extends upwards to elevated and light rails, and downwards to subways. Some viaducts have become factors restricting urban development. To rebuild these elevated structures, it is inevitable to dismantle part of them, and at the same time to ensure that part of them is unaffected and can be reused. This has become a problem before us. When the traditional demolition construction is incapable of this, the advanced reinforced concrete cutting method is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Reinforced concrete cutting technology mainly includes dish cutting method and diamond wire cutting method. Diamond wire cutting method has faster speed, greater flexibility and lower construction noise. Especially in building renovation projects, more and more applications are obtained. The dish cutting method breaks the traditional pneumatic pick cutting and gas cutting or directional blasting construction method. It uses cutting discs with diamond particles to cut. The construction cuts are neat and straight, without post-processing, and are not affected by construction sites and environmental protection. , Construction period, safety reasons and other conditions, are widely used in the structural transformation and cutting construction of various large buildings. The steel wire cutting equipment is composed of a high-power hydraulic machine, a transmission positioning pulley and a steel wire with diamond serrations. The hydraulic motor drives the steel wire through the transmission pulley to rotate at high speed around the object to be cut for cutting, with fast construction speed and noise It has the advantages of low, no vibration, no dust and waste gas pollution, and the cut is straight and smooth, and no after-treatment is required. Using this technology, for some projects that have special requirements for construction, such as tight deadlines, high environmental protection requirements, and some large-scale concrete structure demolition and cutting projects, these problems can be solved.

The main tools used for concrete cutting are:

Diamond hydraulic wire saw cutting machine, hydraulic disc saw cutting machine (also known as hydraulic wall saw cutting machine), electric wall saw cutting machine, handheld chain saw cutting machine, road cutting machine, large road cutting machine, rhinestone drilling and cutting equipment, ultra-high pressure Water cutting machine (also known as high-pressure water gun cutting machine: due to the high cost and construction, the market has not yet used a lot) and other machinery to cut concrete.

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