Aluminum sheet machining process and essentials

Aluminum sheets have a tendency to bend at their own weight at high temperatures, which increases the tendency of the products to twist during die forging, cooling and heat treatment. Distortion is particularly noticeable in articles with sharp cross-section changes or particularly thin sections, so it is often necessary to calibrate aluminum sheets. Shape to meet the size requirements.

Aluminum sheet machining process and essentials

Aluminum sheet machining process and essentials

The processing essentials of each process:

(1) Order:

  • 1.After receiving the processing order, the operator must understand the meaning of the drawing and check whether the data indicated by the figure matches the single related data.
  • 2.Under the condition of anastomosis, proceed with the material plan and handle the material handling procedures.

(2) Picking:

  • 1.According to the type, specification and color of the materials used in the order, the signature is approved by the warehouse clerk.
  • 2.out of the warehouse to carry, many cranes; less manual, transported to the Cutting Machine to be cut.

(3) Cutting:

  • 1.When cutting the composite board with the imported cutting machine, first adjust the positioner to the required size. After cutting a small point, check whether the size matches the required size. When it matches, start cutting. Otherwise, adjust it until it meets the requirements.
  • 2.When cutting the composite board, the cutting direction must be from left to right, top to bottom, no reverse cutting, the panel facing must be upward. When the two people cut together, they must be cut with a simple hand or password. The player can step on the clutch.
  • 3.After cutting, check whether the data of the cut plate is consistent with the processing order, and the error is allowed to be ±1.0mm.
  • 4.Put the plate on the cleaning platform to avoid damage to the plate finish.

(4) Planing trough:

  • 1.First check the cutting plate data to see if the material meets the processing order requirements.
  • 2.When the planer is used, the processing plan must be analyzed, confirmed and finalized.
  • 3.Operation of this item must require one person to be responsible for control. The direction of the planing groove should be from left to right, from top to bottom, and the reverse cutting is not allowed. The force must be sufficient and stable. The positioning wheel should be tightly attached to the composite plate, otherwise the groove depth is inconsistent.
  • 4.When adjusting the trough, first adjust the display to the required size. When the test is opened, use a small composite plate for the troughing. The debugging effect must be in accordance with the requirements of the composite trough. The depth of the shaving must ensure the thickness of the polyethylene on the back. Between 0.3mm~0.5mm, the width of the grooved groove is between 3mm~4mm, which shall not affect the appearance of the back surface. The position error of the groove is allowed to be ±0.5mm.
  • 5.The planer should be placed gently to avoid damage to the finish.

(5) Cut angle:

It must be punched on the angle machine according to the position of the figure. The angle of cut must not exceed the centerline of the planer.

(6) Bending:

  • 1.Note that you can not repeatedly bend, avoid fatigue damage, bend at most twice, the size tolerance is ±1.0mm.
  • After
  • 2.bends, use the wallpaper knife back to lightly slide the protective film of the composite panel. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the board. The position is about 4mm from the bend, and then peel off the protective film.

(7) Boarding and reinforcement:

  • 1.Clean the composite board, the frame, the ribs and the 3M tape bond with an isopropyl alcohol/water mixture (1:1) or xylene.
  • The
  • 2.3M tape is first bonded to the frame and the ribs. When handling, do not touch the 3M tape and the cleaned surface after tearing the film with your hands or other objects.
  • 3.Put the frame with 3M tape into the composite plate box, and tap the frame with your hand or rubber hammer to make the composite plate bend into the framed groove, so that the 3M tape and the composite plate are firmly bonded and compounded. The gap of the flange of the board is less than 0.4mm.
  • 4.According to the design drawing requirements, drill holes with drilling template, the distance between the core rivets is 350mm, the hole arrangement is from the two ends to the middle, and then the self-tapping screws or the blind rivets are installed.
  • 5.The reinforcing ribs are closely attached to the composite plate, and the ends of the reinforcing ribs and the folded edges of the composite plates are self-tapping screws or blind rivets, so that the plate facings cannot be damaged.

(8) Re-examination:

  • 1.The length and width of the assembled plate are allowed to be ±1.5mm; the diagonal dimension is allowed to be less than or equal to 2.5mm; the thickness of the plate is ±0.5mm; the allowable deviation of the angle of the corner plate is ±0.5°, which is a substandard product.
  • 2.Check whether each processing step is carried out as required, and whether the processed effect is acceptable.

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