Aluminum Stamping Oil

Aluminum stamping oil is made of high-quality mineral base oil, compounded with high-performance sulfurized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as the main agent. It will not cause roughness or strain on the workpiece, improve the smoothness of the workpiece, and effectively extend the life of the die; it is easy to clean; it has no peculiar smell and does not irritate the skin.

Because aluminum materials are more and more widely used in automobiles, aviation, electrical appliances, household hardware products and other fields, there are also many factories that do aluminum stamping. After so many years of researching and developing aluminum stamping oil, Intertel has naturally come into contact with many bosses who do aluminum stamping. Among them, the problem of mold sticking is very distressing to them.

If it is still the same as in the past, and other non-professional aluminum stamping oils are still used for aluminum stamping, mold sticking problems are likely to occur, the material outside the die opening is difficult to pull in, and the stamping part cracks serious. The sticking of the mold also causes unsightly strain marks on the surface of the workpiece, like a wolf’s paw. If you want to mass produce, you must solve the problem of sticking. Intel recommends that all the bosses of aluminum stamping choose professional aluminum stamping oil as much as possible.

Because the sticking problem occurs at the interface between the plate and the mold. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve both materials and molds.

In terms of board, surface texture treatment can be carried out. For example, using shot peening, electric spark, laser, etc., the surface of the finishing roller is microscopically roughened (textured). Before the sheet enters the coiler, the surface is like fingerprints, leaving numerous pits. For the stamping process, these micro-pits are countless Intel aluminum stamping oil reservoirs. The mystery here is that when the plate with “micro-hemp” on the surface slides on the mold, more Intertel aluminum stamping oil can follow into the deformation zone; the greater the contact pressure in the deformation zone, the greater the contact pressure from the micro-oil reservoir The more aluminum stamping oil squeezed out. If the surface of the finishing roller has not been micro-roughened, or the micro-peaks and micro-pits on the textured surface are smoothed after being used for too long, the oil-carrying capacity will decrease. When oil is available, mold sticking problems may occur.

For molds, use better mold steel as much as possible. For some punching and trimming molds, it is recommended that the sides be polished. If conditions permit, Intertel can also conduct PVD coating.

Intel stamping oil contains various additives such as exquisite extreme pressure agent, anti-wear agent, oily agent, anti-rust agent, etc., which has good protective performance for molds, has good lubrication, anti-rust and cooling effects, and is widely used in various Various plastic forming operations such as extrusion, pressing, stamping and drawing of metal-like sheets, such as silicon steel sheet, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and non-ferrous metals.

Product Usage

  • 1. Suitable for punching and cutting of precision parts such as aluminum foil, aluminum heat sink, aluminum fin, and high-speed punching and cutting;
  • 2. It is suitable for occasions with fast volatilization, no residue, and no-cleaning;
  • 3. It is also suitable for punching and cutting of copper and aluminum materials.

Performance characteristics

It is a colorless and transparent liquid. It is made of refined quick-drying oil with international high-grade oily enhancer, extreme pressure anti-wear agent and other special additives. It is formulated by exquisite craftsmanship.

  • ●Quick volatilization, no residue, no-clean product;
  • ●Good surface finish, greatly improving product accuracy;
  • ●Excellent lubrication and cooling effect, no burrs on the cut, greatly extending the service life of the mold;
  • ●Excellent rapid processing effect;
  • ●Environmentally friendly products without harmful substances such as sulfur and chlorine;


According to the requirements of the metal plastic processing technology, it can be used randomly, and a variety of different forms of oiling methods can be used.


  • 1. It is forbidden to mix metal scraps, thread wool and other sundries; it should be sealed and stored away from open flames;
  • 2. This oil is strictly forbidden to come into contact with water. Otherwise it will reduce oil performance;
  • 3. Eating is strictly prohibited.

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