When the metal precision stamping parts are processed, the mold is tilted, which is a very widespread state, but when it is relatively tight, the template is suddenly divided into several pieces. Perhaps, there are many different conditions that cause the template to split in time, from the purchase of raw materials for stamping dies to the stamping operation process, which can cause harm to it. The reasons for the die dumping during the metal stamping process are as follows:

1. Unsatisfactory blanking

Before production, there is no demagnetization and no return tip; there are broken needles, bullets, yellow and other jams in the production; there is no leakage, or rolling and blocking of the feces when assembling the mold, this is very common, assembling Mr. Fu assumes that he does not pay attention, such as when there are many blanking holes, or when the mold has a protective layer cushion, it is easy to appear such an environment.

2. Plan the processing technology

The compressive strength of the mold is insufficient, the wound partition is too close, the mold plan is unscientific, and the number of template blocks is insufficient and there is no cushion.

3. Quenching and tempering treatment: heat treatment and quenching process is not good enough to cause deformation

The actual experience, the mold’s heat-disposal character is very harmful to the characteristics and service life of the mold. From the analysis of the invalidity of the mold, it is known that the “safety disorder” caused by the inefficiency of the mold due to heat ignorance is about 40%.

4. Line cutting ignores sloppy

The ground suspension wire was cut, the gap of the wire cut was handled incorrectly, and the mold layer was not harmed by the corner cleaning and the wire cut. The tooth surface of the stamping die is mostly processed by wire cutting. Because of the thermoelectric effect of wire cutting and the result of electrolysis, the mold production surface layer must be thin and thick, resulting in reduced surface strength, microscopic cracks, etc., leading to the initial damage of the wire cutting stamping die, which immediately harms the cold of the mold. The maintenance of the punching gap and the tooth surface are easy to chip, which reduces the life of the mold. Therefore, in the on-line cutting process, effective electrical standards should be selected, although to avoid the deep layer of mildew.

5. The use of high-speed punching machine equipment for hardware precision stamping parts

The tonnage of the high-speed punching machine, the cold punching pressure is insufficient, and the die adjustment is about too deep. The precision and rigidity of stamping machine tools are extremely important to the damage to the service life of stamping dies. The high precision and rigidity of the stamping machine tool have greatly increased the service life of the stamping die. For example: the raw material of the cumbersome ferrite core stamping die is Crl2MoV, which is used on an ordinary open-type punching machine, and the average regrind service life is 1-3 million times; and when used on a new high-precision press, the regrind service life of the stamping die reaches 6-12 million times.

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