With the rapid development of electronic technology, only by recognizing the development trend of PCB technology, circuit board manufacturers can actively develop and innovate production technology in order to find a way in the fiercely competitive PCB industry.

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the cutting and processing technology of circuit boards is constantly innovating. The traditional PCB cutting and splitting equipment used mechanical splitting and manual splitting in the early days. The disadvantage is that the mold opening cycle is long and the efficiency is slow. The accuracy is low, especially when the circuit board is split on the circuit board with the components, and the vibration will cause certain damage to the components themselves. The advanced laser processing technology can be directly formed at one time, and the non-contact processing has no burrs, high precision and fast speed, especially the processing of PCB boards with components welded on them will not cause damage to the components. Through comparison, we can see that traditional processing methods can no longer meet the ever-changing market needs such as narrower line width and line spacing, smaller and smaller apertures, and higher and higher flexibility. Advanced laser processing technology solutions are undoubtedly the best choice. .

The Chinese name of PCB is circuit board or circuit board. It is an important component carrier and circuit connection carrier in the 3C industry. With the development of intelligence in the electronics industry, the number of PCB layers is increasing, the smaller the PCB, the thinner it is. , More and more electronic components are accommodated, and the requirements for processing precision are getting higher and higher. The main application of laser cutting equipment in the PCB industry is in PCB laser cutting, board splitting, drilling, HDI board drilling, FPC profile cutting, drilling, FPC cover film cutting and other applications.

In terms of PCB and FPC processing, we recommend the cutting system of ultraviolet laser; ultraviolet light has higher precision and better cutting effect than traditional long-wavelength cutting machines. The use of high-energy laser sources and precise control of the laser beam can effectively increase the processing speed and obtain more accurate processing results. The pulse energy of the ultraviolet laser only acts on the material for a microsecond level, and there is no obvious thermal effect at a few micrometers next to the cut, so there is no need to consider the damage to the component caused by the heat generated. It has the advantages of narrow cutting seam, low thermal effect, smooth cutting edge, high efficiency, and no mechanical stress on the cutting edge. It is efficient and environmentally friendly. It is an ideal improvement plan for traditional processes.

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