CO2 laser engraving and Cutting Machine is not unfamiliar to many friends, it has applications in most industries, but also very suitable for personal business. Everyone is using laser engraving machine, will encounter a variety of problems, in fact, for laser engraving cutting machine, is the most important part is the optical components, if the optics are not good, then the laser engraving cutting machine will not do a good job. Especially when the machine does not operate in the light, greatly affecting the production schedule, such as manufacturers after-sales, so that the delay of valuable time. In fact, some of the problems we can solve themselves by troubleshooting, the following follow the China cut laser to learn more.CO2 laser engraving cutting machine does not light the solution to the problem
 一、 The machine running cutting process suddenly not light
  1 check whether the water tank alarm
  A, the alarm, the water tank behind the water inlet, the water outlet with a water pipe connected, the water tank is energized to see if the alarm. If the alarm, the water tank is bad. If not alarm, the laser tube water circuit is not smooth, check whether the water pipe is bent or pressed by something, the water in the tank is not debris (replace the water tank of pure water).
  B, no alarm, check whether the laser power fan is turning. Laser power supply fan turns, with a short wire to the laser power supply.
  2、whether the laser tube out of light, out of light, then the line above the motion control card loose, or moving motion control card bad (replace the board). No light, the laser power supply bad. (Very few cases of laser tube bad) (check whether the laser tube high voltage end of the phenomenon of fire, fire easy to burn the laser power supply and the board’s electronic components). Laser power supply fan does not turn, use the electric pen to test the laser power supply 220V port, whether there is power. There is power, the laser power supply bad. (Repair or replace the power supply); no power, check the laser power switch, line.
  二、The boot does not light, the operator is not very familiar with the machine operating procedures.
  To check the following aspects
  1、 the laser power switch is turned on.
  2、 whether the water tank is open.
  3、the machine operation panel, whether the power is correct. Or whether the computer software parameters are correct.
  4、 whether the optical path is normal. (Press the light to see if the laser tube is bright, bright and the laser head no light, the light path has problems)
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