Influence of main process parameters

  • ⑴ The influence of optical power.For the continuous wave output tube pipe laser Cutting Machine generator, the cutting effect is more obviously affected by the laser power. In theory, the greater the laser power, the greater the cutting speed that can be obtained, but combined with the characteristics of the pipe itself, the best choice for the best cutting effect is not the maximum cutting power. The mode of the laser itself will change as the power of the tube fiber laser cutting machine increases, which will affect the focus of the laser beam. In actual processing, we often choose to obtain the highest power density for the focus when the power is less than the maximum power, so as to ensure the efficiency and cutting quality of the entire laser pipe cutting machines tables.
  • ⑵The influence of cutting speed.Like the laser power, the pipe and tube laser cutting machine must ensure that the cutting speed is within a certain range when cutting pipes to obtain better cutting quality. When the cutting speed is slow, excessive heat will accumulate on the surface of the pipe, the heat-affected zone becomes larger, the slit becomes wider, and the discharged hot melt material burns the incision surface, making the incision surface rough. When the cutting speed is faster, the average slit width of the pipe circumference becomes smaller, and the smaller the diameter of the pipe being cut, the more obvious this effect. As the cutting speed increases, the laser action time shortens, the total energy absorbed by the pipe decreases, the temperature at the front end of the pipe decreases, and the slit width decreases. If the cutting speed is too fast, the pipe may not cut through or cut continuously. It will affect the cutting quality of the entire pipe.
  • ⑶The influence of pipe diameter.When the square pipe fiber laser cutting machine cuts the pipe, the characteristics of the pipe itself will also have a great influence on the processing process. The size of the round pipe diameter has a significant impact on the processing quality. Through the study of laser cutting thin-walled seamless steel pipes, it is found that the laser cutting pipe equipment keeps the same process parameters, the pipe diameter continues to increase the slit width Will continue to increase.
  • ⑷ The type and pressure of auxiliary gas.Generally, compressed air or inert gas (such as nitrogen) is used as auxiliary gas when cutting non-metal and some metal pipes. For most metal pipes, active gas (such as oxygen) can be used. The influence of the pressure of the auxiliary gas on the cutting effect cannot be ignored. When cutting a pipe with a small pipe wall thickness at a higher speed, the pressure of the auxiliary gas should be increased to prevent slagging in the cut; when the pipe wall thickness is large or the cutting speed is slow, it should be Appropriately reduce the pressure of the auxiliary gas to prevent the phenomenon that the pipe cannot be cut through or cut continuously.
  • (5) The position of the beam focusThe position of the beam focus is another important factor that affects the cutting effect of the metal tube fiber laser cutting machine. When laser cutting pipes, the focus position during cutting is generally at the surface position of the cut pipe. When the focus is at the best cutting effect position, the slit is the smallest and the cutting efficiency is the highest.

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