Because laser cutting machines are relatively expensive, generally many companies do not need to use laser cutting machines frequently. They often choose to send their products to companies that have laser cutting processing for processing. So this involves a processing cost issue? So how do you calculate the cost of laser cutting?  

How Is The Cost Of Laser Cutting Calculated?

At present, there is no uniform standard for laser cutting processing costs. Calculating the processing costs is a headache. If the manufacturer directly quotes, I always feel that it is high and I am reluctant to pay. Let me calculate it by myself. A measure of standard, because I don’t know whether this price is the real price, and in view of this problem, I will teach you a set of detailed methods for calculating the cost of laser cutting. It helps. You can also know which is more expensive to purchase a laser Cutting Machine for self-processing than for external processing, and whether it is necessary for your company to purchase a laser cutting machine.  

1. Calculation method 1: The laser cutting processing fee is calculated according to the multiple relationship

When calculating the cost, many companies quote the price according to the length of the cutting line. Carbon steel plates are generally 1.5 times the thickness of the plate per meter, which means that the cutting fee per meter of 4MM carbon steel plates = 4*1.5=6 RMB/ Meter. The following is the detailed calculation method:   

The price of cutting 1 meter = the thickness of the material to be cut × 1.5 (the price does not include the material cost, and the customer takes the material for processing)   

for example:

  • – The price of laser cutting 1 meter of 6 mm low carbon steel plate is: 6 (plate thickness)×1.5=9 RMB/meter;   
  • – The price of 8mm low carbon steel laser cutting 1 meter is: 8 (plate thickness)×1.5=12 RMB/meter;   
  • – The price of 10 mm low carbon steel laser cutting 1 meter is: 10 (plate thickness)×1.5=15 RMB/meter;   
  • – According to this formula, we can see the price per meter of cutting plates of different thicknesses.  

The price of stainless steel is different from ordinary ones. The price per meter of stainless steel is generally 2.5 times the thickness of the plate, and the price per meter of aluminum plate is generally 4 times the thickness of the plate. At the same time, if a hole is to be cut in the middle of the plate, a perforation fee will be charged. The perforation fee generally ranges from 0.4-2 RMB depending on the thickness of the plate. Of course, the specific price has a lot to do with the size of the processing volume, the shape of the parts (all small holes can not be calculated by the number of meters), whether it includes freight, whether it is processed with materials, etc.  

2. Calculation method 1: Laser cutting processing is settled by the hour and there are differences in regions.

Generally, it ranges from 400-1000 RMB per hour, and the regional differences are relatively large. Hefei and Zhejiang are cheaper, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places are relatively more expensive. This is clearly different from your area, because The price of sheet metal materials in the region is different, and the labor cost is different, so the quotation will be different, but the price fluctuation is definitely within this range, but it goes beyond this range.  

The above two calculation methods are relatively complete at present, and the general factory or processing factory will have some fluctuations, and will be automatically measured according to the quantity. I believe it will be helpful to everyone.

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Link to this article:How Is The Cost Of Laser Cutting Calculated?

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