It is 100 times stronger than bulletproof glass. The U.S. uses it to make the best bulletproof glass. The U.S. defines transparent aluminum as “one of the most important defense materials in the 21st century.” Is transparency really so strong? How far has China’s transparent aluminum developed? Will it be caught by the United States in the future?

What is transparent aluminum?

Everyone must have heard very little about transparent aluminum, because it has not yet become popular. The biggest reason is that the price is too expensive, more than 10 US dollars per square inch. This kind of substance has appeared in the sci-fi movie “Star Trek”, but it is used in the military in reality. The transparent aluminum can even withstand the attack of transparent bullets, and the visible strength is stronger than bulletproof glass.

How strong is transparent aluminum?

The method of making transparent aluminum is first to make a model, pour the powder of oxynitride into a fixed mold to form a fixed shape, and then compress the powder into green particles through a hydraulic mode, and then heat it at a high temperature of 2000 degrees. The final product is formed, and the finished product will become transparent after polishing, so we all call it “transparent aluminum”.

The hardness of transparent aluminum is very high, comparable to that of sapphire. It has a direct penetration rate of more than 90% for visible light such as violet and infrared rays, and has a high temperature resistance of more than 2000 degrees Celsius. The bulletproof ability of transparent aluminum is very good. The bulletproof ability and thickness are excellent. In relation to the same thickness of transparent aluminum and bulletproof glass, the bulletproof capacity of transparent aluminum is twice that of bulletproof glass.

AlON transparent ceramics show excellent optical and mechanical properties. It has a good linear transmittance (over 80%) in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared bands. In addition, it also has good optical and mechanical properties isotropy. The infrared transparent material with mature preparation technology and widely used.

The largest potential application market for AlON transparent ceramics is transparent armor. AlON transparent ceramics can be used as bulletproof windows for armored vehicles and helicopters.

AlON ceramics are suitable for use as a matrix of luminescent materials due to their wide band gap, low photon energy and high temperature stability. Up-conversion luminescent materials have been applied in many fields, such as all-solid-state compact laser devices, up-conversion phosphors, three-dimensional display, optical fiber communication technology, optical information storage and display, etc. Bulletproof car electronic equipment, etc.

Application of transparent aluminum

Transparent aluminum is mainly used in the military field. At present, transparent aluminum is used more in the United States. It is mainly used in the production of bulletproof glass for combat armored vehicles, and transparent windows for missile sensors. Most military applications are reflected in the replacement of transparent bulletproof glass. Although it is expensive and has not been popularized today, it has been looking for commercial possibilities. In the future, you may see transparent aluminum on bulletproof car glass and computer electronic equipment parts, and you may also see transparent on beverages. Beverage can

Can the United States use a transparent aluminum card for the Chinese neck?

So how about our China’s R&D and manufacturing of aluminum metal? Don’t forget that we crossed the river by touching the eagle sauce. Pressureless sintering is the traditional method of preparing transparent ceramics. Products of various sizes and shapes can be mass-produced at low cost. It is currently the most researched preparation method of AION ceramics.

JIN and others of a research institute in Shanghai used alumina and urea-formaldehyde resin as raw materials. Carbothermal reduction process and pressureless sintering were used to prepare AION with an average light transmittance greater than 80% (1mm). The effect of Y203 and La203 co-doping on the preparation of AION transparent ceramics by pressureless sintering was studied, and a light transmittance of 80.3% was prepared. AION transparent ceramics.

Shanghai FRP Research Institute Co., Ltd. and a university in Shanghai carried out cooperative research. The AION powder was synthesized by the carbothermic reduction method, and after pressureless sintering at 1875℃x24h, the linear transmittance in the wavelength range of 1000~5000nm was about 80%. AION ceramics with an optical transmittance of up to 83.7% at a wavelength of 3.93μm.

Wei Wei of Wuhan University of Technology uses Al2O3 and AlN to mix in a certain proportion by ball milling, and keep them at 1700℃ for a certain period of time. A transparent AION ceramic sample with the highest transmittance of 75.2% was prepared. So we don’t have to worry about falling behind the United States too much, maybe our aircraft missile space station has already used metal aluminum glass.

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