In the process of using the 500w fiber laser Cutting Machine for metal, how to ensure the maximum quality of the laser cutting? LXSHOW reminds you that the cutting speed, the adjustment of the focus position, the auxiliary gas pressure, the laser output power and the characteristics of the workpiece are the main factors that affect the quality of laser cutting. In addition, the workpiece clamping device is also essential to ensure the cutting quality, because during the laser cutting process, heat and stress are released throughout the entire workpiece.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the use of an appropriate method of fixing the workpiece to avoid causing the workpiece to move , Affecting the accuracy of the cutting workpiece size. Effect of cutting speed on cutting quality For a given laser power density and material, the cutting speed is in accordance with an empirical formula.

As long as it is above the threshold, the cutting speed of the material is proportional to the laser power density, that is, increasing the power density can increase the cutting speed. The power density here refers not only to the laser output power, but also to the beam quality mode. In addition, the characteristic of the beam focusing system, that is, the size of the spot after focusing has a great influence on laser cutting. The cutting speed is inversely proportional to the density (specific gravity) and thickness of the material being cut.

When other parameters remain unchanged, the factors to increase the cutting speed are: increase the power (within a certain range, such as 500 ~ 2 000W); improve the beam mode (such as from high-order mode to low-order mode to TEM00); reduce the focus spot size ( If using a short focal length lens to focus); cutting materials with low initial evaporation energy (such as plastic, plexiglass, etc.); cutting low-density materials (such as white pine wood, etc.); cutting thin materials.

Especially for metal materials, when other process variables are kept constant, the laser cutting speed can have a relative adjustment range and still maintain a satisfactory cutting quality. This adjustment range appears to be slightly smaller than thick parts when cutting thin metals. width. Sometimes, the slow cutting speed will also cause the hot melt material to be discharged to ablate the surface of the mouth, making the cut surface very rough.

Influence of laser output power on cutting quality For lasers with continuous wave output, the laser power and mode are both important for cutting. In actual operation, the maximum power is often set to obtain a higher cutting speed, or to cut thicker materials. However, the beam mode (the distribution of beam energy in the cross-section) is sometimes more important, and when the output power is increased, the mode often deteriorates slightly. It can often be found that at the focal point under the maximum power condition, the highest power density is obtained and the best cutting quality is obtained. The mode is not consistent during the entire effective working life of the laser. The condition of the optical components, the subtle changes in the laser working gas mixture and the flow fluctuations will affect the mode mechanism. In summary, although the factors affecting laser cutting are more complex, the cutting speed, focal position, auxiliary gas pressure, laser power, and mode structure are the four most important variables. During the cutting process, if it is found that the cutting quality is significantly deteriorated, the factors discussed above should be checked first and adjusted in time.

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