The traditional cutting method is very poor when cutting carbon steel and other materials, and the quality of the cutting sample is not high. But after the cover fiber laser Cutting Machine enters the market, the situation has changed a lot. Because carbon steel contains carbon, it does not reflect light strongly, and absorbs light very well. Carbon steel is the most suitable for laser cutting processing and the best effect among all metal materials. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine 6kw is in the carbon steel processing industry. There are unshakable parts.The raw material price of carbon steel is several times cheaper than stainless steel, and its application is more extensive. In addition to steel pipes, stainless steel, cast iron, wrought iron, and cast aluminum, a carbon steel metal furniture is intensively on the market, from furniture parts to whole furniture, from the indoor to the outdoor.

The original cold and hard “iron guy”, after being processed by the carbon steel 3kw fiber laser cutting machine price, is entering people’s lives in various postures.In the traditional carbon steel processing process, due to the lack of equipment, the processed carbon steel is prone to scars, cracks, delamination, white spots, impurities, looseness and so on.

Therefore, the carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine 2000w that conforms to the current situation has become the first choice in the market.

When laser cutting carbon steel, the laser emitted by the laser irradiates the surface layer of the carbon steel, and the high temperature generated instantly, under the action of the auxiliary gas, quickly occurs with the silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements contained in the carbon steel Reaction, oxidation and melting and vaporization, can penetrate carbon steel, and then control the laser displacement by numerical control to achieve the purpose of cutting.The carbon steel cheap fiber laser metal cut machine has unique advantages. The laser cutting speed is fast and the cutting precision is high. It can meet all the requirements of sheet metal processing technology, and the cutting surface is smooth, smooth, beautiful, easy to use, safe and cost-effective.

These are any machines. Processing is unmatched.As an advanced manufacturer of domestic laser equipment, LXSHOW has been cultivating for many years in the field of tube laser cutting machine fiber, especially high-power fiber laser cutting machine with cover, and has contributed many high-quality products to the metal processing market.

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