The rapid development of technology has reformed many traditional industries, and many emerging industries have also emerged. Today I want to talk to you about laser cutting, a high-tech method widely used in industrial production.According to market reports until 2017, the utilization rate of 1530 fiber laser Cutting Machine in metal manufacturing has reached more than 70%, which is higher than other metal processing equipment.

The material cut by the fiber laser metal cutting machine tube is smooth, fast and does not require other post-processing after cutting, reducing various processing links, saving labor costs and processing costs, high cost performance, and improved production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional cutting method, the metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine has low price, low consumption, no mechanical stress on the workpiece, good effect of cutting the product, high precision and fast cutting speed, and simple maintenance.

In recent years, diy fiber laser cutting machine have developed rapidly, and have gradually replaced traditional processes and become a new trend in the metal processing industry.The unique processing advantages of fiber laser cutting machine for metal have led to a significant reduction in processing costs.

At the same time, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, more and more sheet metal processing companies, kitchen and bathroom manufacturing companies and automotive component processing companies use laser cutting machines.Under the conditions of LXSHOW’s strong technical strength, the cutting quality and effect of high-power cnc metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine have been greatly improved and the cost has been greatly reduced. It has been widely used in many industries.

Planar cutting, drilling, blanking, carving, and other processes of high-power 6000w fiber laser cutting machine are the cutting needs of personalized development. Through the computer control system, the computer can draw arbitrary graphics at will, and complete various complex fancy pattern cutting, and the operation is simple.LXSHOW has accumulated more than ten years of machine fiber laser cutting R & D technology and application experience and is a well-known laser light cutting manufacturer in China.

A number of metal 1000 watt fiber laser cutting machine have been introduced, and are known as “fighters in cutting machines” due to their advantages of high precision, high speed, and high cost performance.

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