2021 will be a wonderful year. In January, China cut Laser has set new market targets. At the same time, in order to meet the challenge of the new crown epidemic that has already begun in 2020, the company’s management decided to deploy the online market and focus on online live broadcasting. Investment and development.On Feb 1st, we conducted the first online webcast in 2021. The live broadcast is divided into two time periods, morning and afternoon. The first part was conducted by the company’s outstanding marketing managers. With their professional knowledge and high enthusiasm, they fully introduced the structure and function of the laser Cutting Machine and other related products of the company. The second part was carried out by two excellent business managers. They showed the laser engraving machine. With their excellent international market experience and skilled operation skills, they fully demonstrated the performance of the machine. This is the first live webcast event. In the days to come, we will enrich our live broadcast content, and more business partners in the world will learn about us.Laser cutting machine Live Broadcasting

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