A major advantage of fiber laser Cutting Machine small in the metal processing industry is its unparalleled flexibility. It can process metal parts of different shapes and sizes without molds. The fiber laser cutting mini machine can incorporate any creative ideas. Quickly processed into finished products.A random graffiti painting on the “Illustration Animal Book” more than 50 years ago has been transformed into a unique metal sculpture after being processed by a dne fiber laser cutting machine.

Ordinary metal, after being processed by cnc fiber laser cutting machine 3kw and manual welding, is combined into a metal lamp with a unique shape. The lamp has two types of pendant lamp and floor lamp. Through the gap of the lampshade, the light can be radiated 360 degrees, if there is no lampshade , Adding a touch of color to the home.

The above is just a corner of the laser fiber cutting machine with 15000w in metal processing, its charm is more than that. In the industrial field, fiber laser cutting machine rotary have become the primary choice for many industries due to their flexible processing advantages.

Appliance industryHousehold appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., are updated very quickly, and the various sheet metal parts in these appliances have different shapes and sizes, and there are many non-standard products that need to be customized. The desktop fiber laser cutting machine’s unmatched flexibility in metal processing caters to this demand.The processing of electrical sheet metal parts through a metal fiber laser cutting machine body not only saves the mold cost, labor cost, time cost, etc. of traditional sheet metal processing, but also greatly improves the accuracy of the sheet metal parts, making the parts delicate and burr-free.

Elevator manufacturingThe elevator is basically a small batch of customized products, and the interior decoration is also very different. There are many types of elevator sheet metal parts, and traditional processing methods such as long mold opening cycle, complicated programming, and high requirements for operators restrict the development of the elevator industry. The advantages of flexible processing have therefore been brought into play, reducing product development costs.At the same time, the fiber laser cutting machine 5kw is highly automated and intelligent, and can flexibly respond to various production tasks, effectively reducing the labor intensity of operators, optimizing the production process, and improving the level of automation of production management in the elevator manufacturing workshop.

Advertising industryThe creative industry has fast creative upgrade speed, and laser cutting materials are flexible and fast. Semi-automatic cutting meets the needs of the advertising industry. The cutting is not limited by the shape. Only the software can be typeset for fast cutting.At the same time, through reasonable typesetting, 1.5kw fiber laser cutting machine can make great use of materials. The cost of metal sheet is high. Saving production materials will undoubtedly save enterprises a lot of expenses and prevent waste. It is especially suitable for the processing needs of the advertising industry.

Nowadays, sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of flexible processing equipment, which is glowing in all walks of life. As the birthplace of industrial lasers in China, LXSHOW contributes to the market more cost-effective laser equipment.

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