Although the focusing lens of the1530 fiber laser Cutting Machine is not a precise high-tech product, it affects the whole body. The cleanliness of the lens will directly affect the processing performance and quality of the metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine.

Therefore, regular maintenance of the focusing lens is very necessary, which can not only improve the performance of the equipment, but also reduce the number of lens replacements and save costs.The correct operation process of maintaining the focus lens of the cnc metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine:

  • 1. Take out the focusing lens from the frame: loosen the fastening screw, take off the air nozzle and the lens barrel in turn; first use a blowing balloon to blow off the dust on the lens surface;
  • 2. If you really need to clean the lens, you can only use a laboratory-grade paper soft cotton ball, dip it in an appropriate amount of acetone or high alcohol, and gently rotate it clockwise from the center of the lens to the edge. When necessary, both sides of the lens need to be cleaned. Care should be taken when scrubbing;
  • 3. Install the lens barrel and air nozzle, adjust the focal length, tighten the fastening screws, and keep the convex surface downward when installing the focusing lens.

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