In the past ten years, the global laser industry has developed rapidly, especially China’s laser industry, which has an amazing annual growth rate. According to statistics from international organizations, the scale of China’s laser industry has increased tenfold in the past ten years.
Behind the market data are earth-shaking changes: laser cutting, laser drilling, laser marking, laser welding and other laser technologies have been applied to many basic industrial processing, and even more, they have become the core technologies of the industry, such as modernization. Laser welding technology on automobile production line.

The popularity of laser technology has many influences. On the one hand, the traditional processing technology has been improved, and the production efficiency and product quality have been improved; on the other hand, it has promoted the reform and upgrading of industrial manufacturing, and has continued to move towards intelligence and automation. Many companies have also received the first wave of technological dividends.

However, if no one comes out to make cakes, no matter how big the cake is, it will eventually be shared. In recent years, the growth rate of China’s laser industry has been less than 10%. It seems that the development of the laser industry has stabilized, but in fact it has reached the bottleneck of development. The bottleneck is the singularity of the processing form. A laser equipment is only used in a certain process and has not fully utilized the potential of laser technology. At the moment, the only way to break through this bottleneck is to carry out technological innovation and integration.

In terms of technological innovation, there is an urgent need to speed up the process of independent research and development. The goal is simple, that is, the autonomy of laser technology. In terms of technology integration, we will continue to try and expand new applications such as laser chemistry and laser medicine, especially focusing on the development of precision and micro-processing. Combining science and technology in other fields to form a multi-in-one new technology process, making the new technology system smarter and more feasible. This is the way out for laser manufacturing in the future.

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