New type laser cutting model 1080 has much more advanced functions than before:# Laser Power: 100W.
# Laser Tube: W2 Reci Sealed CO2 glass Tube.
# Working Table Size: 39 × 31 inches (1000 × 800 mm).
# Control System: Ruida Control system, support muti-languages
# Working Table: Honeycomb.
# Z-Axis Movement: Electric control.
# Power Supply: AC 110V±10% 50-60Hz.
# Longer material can pass through front to back
# Industrial Gray white colour, more professionalIt was widely used in craft gift industry, decoration industry, mold industry, furniture home industry, footwear industry, leather industry, clothing proofing industry and so on.The main materials for laser engraving machine use are:Wood, plywood, glass, leather, paper, cloth, bamboo and wood products, metal sheets, acrylic, fiberglass, film, canvas, etc.New type 1080 Laser Cutting  Machine on sale now!

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