Cutting operations are encountered in many industries. At the same time, cutting equipment is actually being updated. The most commonly used equipment is probably laser cutting machines. Such equipment is more sophisticated, which is often needed for companies that have just changed. Familiar with the process, so today I will talk about the precautions for using this type of equipment for the first time.

  • First, when using the laser Cutting Machine for the first time, it is natural to be familiar with the various switches. Because the models of laser cutting machines are different, the operating specifications and the functions of the specific buttons are also different, whether it is the main switch of the machine or the water cooler or Switches such as fiber devices and how to use them all need to be understood, and most laser cutting machines are connected to a computer for use.
  • Second, because most laser cutting machines are connected to a computer, the computer terminal needs to be debugged. The control panel of the computer control terminal needs to be familiar and understood, and then adjust it to become a parameter setting suitable for our cutting operation. . After that, it is a trial run to check the movement status of the laser cutting machine. This process mainly checks whether the cutting machine has abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions.
  • Third, adjust according to actual operation requirements. This process often requires cutting more samples. Pay attention to whether the water path and the light output are normal in the entire operation, and pay attention to the operating requirements of each model of laser cutting machine. For example, some cutting machines require that the light beam cannot be turned on when the water temperature is low, and can only be turned on when the water temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius, so proper debugging must be carried out according to the specific equipment instructions.

What I just mentioned is what you need to pay attention to when you use the laser cutting machine for the first time. Because there are many types of laser cutting equipment, you must pay attention to debugging when using it, and you should also learn about the equipment maintenance manual. , So as to better maintain the equipment and reduce its failure rate.

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