Generally, laser marking equipment has many advantages. For example, the stability is very good, and it is very convenient to use, but sometimes, when in use, there will be some abnormal phenomena, such as uneven compliance, then laser marking What is the problem of uneven marking of equipment? I will give you a specific introduction today.

  • 1. The performance of the laser beam is not good. When you use laser marking equipment, if there is uneven marking, it may be due to a problem with the performance of the laser beam, and its quality has become bad. If the quality of the laser beam is not good, it will affect To achieve the marking effect, the laser needs to be inspected and repaired. The quality of the laser is directly related to the quality of the laser beam.
  • 2. There is a problem with the signal of the galvanometer or it is affected by the outside. If the galvanometer of the laser marking equipment vibrates slightly during the marking process, it will make the represented graphics or text appear unclear, which will make the marking uneven.
  • 3. The reason for the marked workpiece. Because the marked workpiece has uneven texture, poor material quality, or uneven coating thickness, it will affect the degree of absorption of laser energy by the material. Since the material is not uniform, then The effect of laser marking is not even more uniform.
  • 4. The marking speed is too fast or the use time of the laser is too long. If these two situations exist, the above-mentioned situation will occur. Therefore, when marking, you need to control the speed. If the laser is used for too long, it needs to be replaced.

When you use laser marking equipment, if there is uneven marking, then these problems may exist. You need to find the most exact reasons one by one, so that you can in the shortest time , Solve the problem, and ask professional personnel to repair it when necessary.

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