Skills Of Using U Drill On CNC Machine Tool

Compared with the integral drill, the U-drill is a tool that performs hole machining by combining a center blade (inner edge) and an outer periphery blade (outer edge). This structure determines that the U-drill has an irreplaceable advantage over other drilling tools.

Skills Of Using U Drill On CNC Machine Tool

Skills Of Using U Drill On CNC Machine Tool -PTJ CNC MACHINING Shop

U-drills are usually processed from the outside to eat knives. Compared with the center-drilled form, U-drills are more suitable for machining. (The following are common U drill applications)

Skills Of Using U Drill On CNC Machine Tool

On CNC lathes, U-drills have the advantages of high machining efficiency, simple use, and relatively low cost.

  • 1. The machining efficiency is generally 2-3 times that of twist drills.
  • 2.U drill can be processed directly on the workpiece without the need to drill guide holes in the center.
  • 3. The front end of the knife body is equipped with replaceable blades, which reduces the cost of use. Compared with ordinary twist drills, U-drills do not need to be re-sharpened, and the disposable blade form is convenient for tool change; the size of the drill hole is easy to control and unified; and the time for tool change and tool setting is reduced. Because there is no need for regrind, when choosing a U drill shank, you can choose the shank with the best rigidity, which can give full play to the high performance characteristics of the U drill.
  • 4. The difference between U-drill and ordinary drill is that U-drill uses blades —– peripheral blade and center blade. After the cutter is worn, it can be replaced directly without regrinding. The use of indexable blades saves more material than the overall hard drill. And the consistency of the blade makes it easier to control the part size.
  • 5.U drill has good rigidity and can use a high feed rate, and the machining diameter of U drill is much larger than that of ordinary drill bits, and the maximum can reach D50 ~ 60mm. Of course, U drill cannot be done due to the characteristics of the blade. Too small, U drills below D10mm are rare.
  • 6.U-Drill only needs to replace the blades of the same type and different brands when encountering various materials. Hard drill is very convenient.
  • 7. Compared with the hard drill, the accuracy of the hole drilled by the U drill is still higher, and the finish is better, especially when the cooling and lubrication is not smooth, it is more obvious, and the U drill can correct the position accuracy of the hole. The hard drill does not work. Now, you can use the U drill as a rifle.

Matters needing attention in the use of U drill on CNC machine tools

  • (1) When using U-Drill, the rigidity of the machine tool, the neutrality of the tool and the workpiece are high, so the U-Drill is suitable for use on high-power, high-rigidity, high-speed CNC machine tools.
  • (2) When using U-drill, the blade with good toughness should be selected for the center blade, and the blades around the edge should be selected with relatively sharp blades.
  • (3) When machining different materials, blades with different grooves should be used. In general, when the feed is small, the tolerance is small, and the U-diameter ratio is large, use a grooved blade with a small cutting force. If the ratio of the length to diameter of the U drill is large, the slotted blade with larger cutting force is selected.
  • (4) When using U-drill, it is necessary to consider the machine tool spindle power, U-drill clamping stability, cutting fluid pressure and flow rate, and at the same time control the U-drill chip removal effect, otherwise it will be very large Degree affects the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of the hole.
  • (5) When clamping the U-drill, make sure that the center of the U-drill coincides with the center of the workpiece and is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.
  • (6) When using U-drill, choose appropriate cutting parameters according to different parts materials.
  • (7) During the trial cutting of the U-drill, be sure not to reduce the feed amount or reduce the rotation speed at will due to fear and fear, so that the U-drill blade is damaged or the U-drill is damaged.
  • (8) When using U-drill machining, when the blade wears or breaks, carefully analyze the reason and replace the blade with better toughness or wear resistance.
  • (9) When using U-drills to process stepped holes, be sure to start with large holes and then small holes.
  • (10) When using the U-drill, pay attention to the sufficient pressure of the cutting fluid to flush out the chips. (11) The blades used on the center and edge of the U-drill are different and must not be misused, otherwise the U-drill shank will be damaged.
  • (12) When drilling with U-drill, the method of workpiece rotation, tool rotation, and tool and workpiece rotation can be used at the same time, but when the tool moves in linear feed, the most common method is to use the workpiece rotation method.

It is not necessary to use G83 for drilling on CNC milling machines. Generally, G81 is used when water is added. It is recommended that the best G81, CNC car use G01 the best instructions, which means which. No worries.

For u-drills with a diameter of 21 to 23, the factory parameters are generally s2000-1900F180 to 220 standard steel.

Don’t use g83 for U-drills (the kind of cyclic commands for drilling a little bit back), the debris is all in the hole, up and down, directly hitting it … the hole is not deep, g81 is done. The blade is changed frequently.

The U-drills are all internally cooled. Without internal cooling, the twist drill is easy to use. The twist drill works with the macro program I wrote before, and the speed will not be slow. Section 49. Macro program of deep hole drilling imitating G83 (CNC car must pay attention to this, internal cooling is very important)

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