In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly, and traditional processing methods are far from being able to meet the current development situation, and transformation and development are imperative. The advantages of laser applications in the mold industry have become increasingly prominent.

The Advantages Of Laser Cutting Technology In The Mold Field

Most of my country’s mold processing also uses imported equipment, and the company has a very large investment and growth ratio. There are more than 10 billion mold processing equipment needs every year, and the equipment needs of mold companies are long-term continuous. It means that it is also a very big opportunity for laser equipment.

At present, the level of mold production technology and equipment in my country is generally low, and there is a lot of room for improvement. Mold processing covers a wide range of industries, providing spare parts for industries such as automobiles, instrumentation, home appliances and electrical appliances. Mold processing occupies 60% of the market share in the mold market, which also means that laser cutting machines have a “sand” in the mold industry. There is still a huge share of the cake waiting for the laser cutting machine to seize.  

With the continuous improvement of laser technology, the application of laser technology has become more and more extensive, showing a good trend in the future development trend. In the mold processing industry, laser cutting technology has also been applied, and it is showing an upward trend. This article briefly analyzes the development space of laser cutting machines in the mold processing industry.

In the future mold industry market, the development trend of large-scale and diversified parts is shown. In addition, the stability and reliability of materials for molds are getting higher and higher, and the inheritance and high-precision of mold equipment There are very high requirements, and these are the shortcomings of the existing mold equipment and the advantages of the laser cutting equipment. The workpieces cut by the laser have almost no requirements on the material, material type and size, and the beam quality Good-cut workpieces can be processed without subsequent processing. Relatively speaking, the processing cost is lower, the stability is higher, and no maintenance is required. Of course, in some respects, the laser Cutting Machine is also subject to certain conditions relative to the mold industry.

Generally speaking, the development space of laser cutting machine in the mold processing industry is very huge, and there is a very large market space waiting for the development of laser equipment.

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Link to this article:The Advantages Of Laser Cutting Technology In The Mold Field

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