UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine are laser marking machine products, but many friends do not quite understand the difference between the two in what. In fact, literally, they belong to different lasers developed from the fiber laser is more widely used, metal and non-metallic materials can basically be marked and engraved. UV marking machine is developed through the 355nm UV laser, because 355 UV light focus spot is extremely small, so UV marking machine is mainly used for ultra-fine marking, engraving, the following follow GOLD MARK to understand the advantages of UV marking machine.The difference between UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine1, UV laser marking machine configuration 355nm violet laser, excellent performance, uniform laser power density, fine spot, stable output optical power.2, UV laser marking machine modular design, flexible application, equipped with automatic / manual working mode.3, UV laser marking machine for a wide range of materials, to make up for the lack of infrared laser processing capabilities, can achieve ultra-fine laser marking.The difference between UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine4, UV laser marking machine heat-affected zone is small, to avoid damage to the processed material, high yield rate.5, UV laser marking machine without consumables, low cost of use and maintenance costs.UV laser marking machine beyond the traditional processing, to make up for the previous processing accuracy is not high, mapping difficulties, damage to the workpiece, pollution of the environment and other deficiencies, with its unique processing advantages are particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, punching micro-hole, high-speed division of glass materials and complex graphics cutting of silicon wafers and other applications.Guangdong China cut CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling the machines as follows: Laser Engraver, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router. The products have been widely used in advertisement board, crafts and molding, architecture, seal, label, woodcutting and engraving, stonework decoration, leather cutting, garment industries, and so on. On the base of absorbing the international advanced technology, we provide the clients the most advanced production and perfect after-sale service. In recently years, our products have been sold not only in China, but also as far as Southeast Asia, Middle east, Europe, South America and other overseas Markets.Email:   [email protected]WeCha/WhatsApp:   +868870255

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