Everyone knows that the laser Cutting Machine fiber sheet metal is superior to other machines in sheet metal processing in all aspects. What are the practical applications and advantages of the fiber laser cutting machine metal plate in sheet metal processing? Let’s analyze it below.

  • 1) The cnc fiber laser cutting machine for metal can import the designed workpiece model into the programming software, which can greatly increase the processing efficiency of thin plate materials, reduce the waste of materials, and reduce the labor intensity of workers, so as to achieve the ideal goal. Therefore, a more reasonable arrangement of the cutting plan can be made, which can increase efficiency and save materials;
  • 2) In an increasingly developing market environment, the processing speed of products means the market, and customers have shorter and shorter delivery time requirements. The application of metal tube sheet fiber laser cutting machine has abandoned the traditional mold application. The surface of the workpiece processed by the cnc metal cutting fiber laser engraving machine is smooth and does not require secondary processing, which greatly increases the production efficiency and protects the production cycle of the product. And can guarantee mass production.
  • 3) In sheet metal processing, the sheet is formed after being cut by the tube and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, no secondary processing is required, and direct welding is performed, so the application of the cnc metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine reduces the process and duration, and increases the work efficiency. , Reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving the speed and progress of research and development, and reducing mold investment;
  • 4) At the same time, the application of plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine in industrial processing can process a variety of complex workpieces, which can directly shorten the processing cycle, increase the accuracy of processing, and omit the replacement of stamping molds, which can increase labor productivity.

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