Laser cutting equipment uses lasers to cut objects. Therefore, there are certain risks in the operation process. Therefore, safety protection needs to be done in strict accordance with safety operating regulations. Then laser cutting equipment What are the safe operating procedures? I will give you a specific introduction today.

  • 1. When using laser cutting equipment, it is necessary to let professional personnel operate. If multiple personnel are required to operate, then a person in charge must be appointed.
  • 2. When turning on the laser cutting equipment, strictly follow the required switching sequence. When opening the gas, first turn off the exhaust valve of the gas storage tank, and then turn on the power supply of the air compressor. After its pressure reaches the specified requirements, the valve of the gas pipeline can be opened. .
  • 3. When using bottled gas, open the valve of each bottle first, and then open the general valve switch at the end; when using liquid gas, you need to open the valve before opening the booster Valve to increase the amount of gasification, so as to ensure the pressure of the cutting assist gas.
  • 4. When turning off the laser cutting equipment, make full preparations too. Move the cutting head to the highest position first, and park the other axes in a safe position. At the same time, the workbench or the exchange workbench should also be stopped in a safe position. First turn off the laser high voltage and laser low voltage, and then wait three minutes before turning off the main power supply of the laser. Next, turn off the key switch on the laser electric cabinet and take it down for safekeeping.

When you operate laser cutting equipment, you must understand the rules of safe operation, so as to ensure that there will be no abnormal problems. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the sequence of power-on and power-off. Once the sequence is out of order, there may be hidden dangers. In addition, friends who need laser cutting equipment can consult the staff of the website.

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