Stainless steel is widely used in households, such as gas stoves in the kitchen, microwave ovens, electronic components of gas stoves, countertops, kitchen hardware, etc. Using laser cutting equipment, stainless steel can be processed by cutting plates, tubes, and holes.There are also gas stoves, gas stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, etc., which use many stainless steel electronic components, which have high precision and corrosion resistance, which help these kitchen equipment to function more and more and have a longer and longer life.

This shows the wide application of stainless steel, and the processing of different types of stainless steel is also extremely important. Common stainless Steel Cutting methods include high-pressure water jet waterjet water cutting, step punching, guillotine shears, disc shears, grinding wheel cutting, laser cutting, etc. Among them, the stainless steel sheet laser Cutting Machine occupies a large proportion in industrial production.The laser can be used to accurately cut the blanks of complex shapes, and the cut blanks do not need to be further processed. Protection cnc fiber laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel below 4mm. Adding oxygen to the laser beam can cut 8-10mm thick stainless steel.

However, after oxygen cutting, a thin oxide film will be formed on the cutting surface. The thickness of the cutting can be increased to 16mm, but the size error of the cutting part is large.The price of fiber laser cutting machine full enclosed is higher, but the cost of subsequent processing is reduced.

At the same time, there is no tooling cost for using a fiber laser cutting machine with protective cover. Therefore, whether it is mass production or small batch production, fiber laser cutting machine with protective cover is a good choice. For some peculiar parts that could not be processed in size, fiber laser machine cnc laser cutting machine has a significant advantage.

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