In the field of heavy-duty sheet metal processing, the requirements for equipment are high, the performance of fiber cnc laser Cutting Machine is good, and it has good performance in many fields. .For sheet metal processing enterprises, fiber laser cutting machine cutting tube are used in the processing of heavy sheet metal materials. Before the advent of carbon fiber laser cutting machines, large-scale cutting machine tools were usually used for cutting, and the processed materials had low precision and low cost.

The appearance of fiber laser cutting machine for tube makes up for the shortcomings in this regard. The advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine with protective is that its utilization rate of the material is also high, and the cutting accuracy is also high. Not only is the cutting quality high, but there are basically no burrs and burned edges, and it is slightly smooth and flat.

At the same time, its cutting efficiency index is higher in terms of traditional cutting equipment. But its processing cost is relatively low, and it needs to consume electricity and gas.LXSHOW focuses on 8000w fiber laser cutting machine, product coverage laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, metal laser cutting machines, stainless steel laser cutting machines, medium power laser cutting machines, copper plate laser cutting machines and other equipment, is a company dedicated to providing users with laser equipment Laser cutting machine manufacturer of processing solutions.

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