Nowadays, more and more laser equipment has entered our lives. As a mature processing method, it has been applied in many aspects of our lives. Even in the short-lived bicycles, there are laser equipment.Hope Tech is a British bicycle accessories brand. The biggest feature of hope is stability, and self-sufficiency is a good description of hope.

Even a small bolt is also made on their CNC lathe, which runs 24 hours a day, cutting , Grinding, polishing; the processing standard of each process has reached the industry level. Hope disc brake pads are mainly made of 2mm stainless steel, using a fiber laser ipg Cutting Machine dedicated to bicycle accessories. Prior to this, they used a CO2 laser cutting machine, but CO2 laser cutting metal will have problems such as slag hang, edge oxidation, etc., and gas, electricity consumption is very large, and maintenance costs are high.

Therefore, it is hoped that the company will change the cutting tool of the disc brake pad to a mature cnc fiber laser cutting machine 750w.Coaxial cable, at the same power, the cutting speed of the optical fiber in the thin plate is 3 times that of CO2, and the processing efficiency is high; in addition, the pipe cutting fiber laser machine basically requires no maintenance, the operating cost is low, and the edge of the disc brake disc after cutting is smooth without burrs , Without edge trimming, high processing efficiency.Among the parts of bicycle equipment, 70% of the parts are cut and formed by the fiber laser source cutting machine, including the bicycle pedal crank is an aluminum alloy laser cutting device, and the grip cover is a leather laser cutting device. When some accessories have insufficient performance and are damaged, the designer studies the materials and adjusts the design and materials to accelerate the production of bicycle accessories through the fiber laser cutting machine china.

Even a small bicycle part insists on using laser processing technology, which is the common choice of many manufacturers who pursue quality during metal processing. In the field of metal processing, LXSHOW has accumulated many years of experience, and has contributed a variety of gold fiber laser cutting machine to the market. The power covers the range of 500W-30000W, helping you create a stylish and elegant metal art world from a square inch of space.

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