Kitchenware is an industry closely related to people’s daily lives. In the industry of kitchen utensil processing, products such as cooker hoods, gas appliances, stovetop panels, and large commercial kitchen utensils use sheet metal panels in large quantities. The traditional process requires a large number of molds, the design and manufacturing cycle takes a long time, the working efficiency is low and the cost is high, and metal tube fiber laser Cutting Machine can reduce the cost and improve the working efficiency, which meets the needs of the kitchenware industry.With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and utensils, which require unique shapes and varied functions.

Traditional processing methods such as cold punching, cold cutting, shearing, punching, etc. have large environmental pollution and many burrs, and subsequent processing takes time and labor.Application advantages of fiber laser cutting machine for steel in the kitchenware industry.

  • 1. The cnc fiber laser metal cutting machine has good beam, high precision, small cutting seam, material saving, smooth cutting surface, etc., it can quickly and well complete the sheet metal blanking of a single piece of material with any graphics, reducing the number of workers and reducing Cost, and can save 10,000 yuan in processing costs per month.
  • 2. The use of cnc fiber laser cutting machine sheet metal can easily and quickly realize the processing style of the panel, reducing the cost of new product development and shortening the development cycle of new products.
  • 3. The laser processing equipment has high precision when cutting materials, which increases the yield of range hoods and burning appliances, and reduces the loss of materials.For some special-shaped products, fiber laser cutting machines for metal cut has great advantages.
  • 4. In kitchen utensil processing enterprises, who can quickly find new processing methods and realize the production process including equipment update is undoubtedly of great and practical long-term significance.

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