Biodegradable and recyclable environment-friendly expanded polystyrene

Plastilite Corp (located in Omaha, Nebraska, USA) was established in 1958 and soon expanded from the production of picnic cooling packaging and small fish barrels for the retail market to commercial packaging applications. The resulting products are naturally suitable for the emerging mail-order food industry. Since then, millions of steaks, hams, turkeys and desserts have been delivered to consumers through the company’s sturdy EPS foam transport and cooling packaging.

Recently, a branch of Platilite, Integritemp, announced the launch of the patent-pending ReFoam, which is an environmentally friendly expanded polystyrene (EPS) product that can be biodegraded by thermal oxidation and can be recycled. The company’s president and *executive officer Jon Ehly said: “In the past few years, we have been using ReFoam as the R&D model and committed to creating a material that allows our customers to experience all the common benefits of EPS, while at the end of the life cycle. Environmentally friendly recycling. This is really the best of both worlds.” After laboratory testing, under dry storage conditions, the foam can be stored on a shelf for several years and is still recyclable. At the same time, materials that are disposed of in bioactive landfills or discharged into nature will be transported to the *environment that promotes the oxidation-biodegradation process. ”

The product will be launched in the * quarter of 2019, and will undergo oxidation-biodegradation in sunlight and humidity. EPS is mixed with additives to catalyze foam degradation under various conditions.

ReFoam will be able to replace traditional EPS in many products, such as foam insulated transportation cooling packaging, protective packaging and various retail and consumer product packaging. ReFoam will be a popular solution for those customers who have been asking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging.

Although recycling is still encouraged as a * EPS disposal method, the company said that when recycling cannot be achieved locally, ReFoam as a unique packaging material can reduce the environmental impact of disposable foam packaging.

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Link to this article:Biodegradable and recyclable environment-friendly expanded polystyrene

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