When it comes to fiber laser Cutting Machine, many friends know that it can be used to cut metal materials, but for non-metallic materials, fiber laser cutting machine can be cut is not very well understood. In fact, fiber laser cutting machine is not only can be processed metal materials, for some non-metallic materials are also applicable, so which materials can be cut using fiber laser cutting machine? The following with the GOLD MARK CNC to learn more.Can fibre laser cutting machines process non-metallic materials1.composite materialsNew lightweight reinforced fiber polymer composite materials are difficult to be conventional methods for processing. The use of laser contactless cutting process can be used to cut and trim the laminated sheet at high speed before curing, sizing, under the heating of the laser beam, the edge of the sheet is fused to avoid the generation of fibre chips.For thick workpieces after complete curing, particularly boron and carbon fibre composites, laser cutting should be done with care to prevent carbonisation, delamination and thermal damage from occurring to the cut edges. As with plastics cutting, the cutting process for composites requires prompt removal of exhaust gases. There is also a type of composite material, which is simply a composite of two different properties of materials up and down together, in order to obtain a better cutting quality, the principle of laser cutting machine is to cut first with a better cutting properties have that side.2. organic materialsAvailable laser cutting machine processing of organic materials including: plastic (polymer), rubber, wood, paper products, leather, etc.3.inorganic materialsAvailable laser cutting machine processing inorganic materials include: quartz, glass, ceramics, stone, etc.These are non-metallic materials above, the cutting of these items can be completed using a fiber laser cutting machine, not only to improve the efficiency of the work, but also to improve the accuracy of cutting.Guangdong China cut CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling the machines as follows: Laser Engraver, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router. The products have been widely used in advertisement board, crafts and molding, architecture, seal, label, woodcutting and engraving, stonework decoration, leather cutting, garment industries, and so on. On the base of absorbing the international advanced technology, we provide the clients the most advanced production and perfect after-sale service. In recently years, our products have been sold not only in China, but also as far as Southeast Asia, Middle east, Europe, South America and other overseas Markets.

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