For fiber laser Cutting Machine, to achieve a good cutting effect, often need to use high-pressure auxiliary gas. Many friends may not know much about auxiliary gases, generally think that the choice of auxiliary gas as long as the properties of the cutting material to decide on it, but often easy to ignore the power of the fiber laser cutting machine.Different power of the fiber laser cutter will produce different cutting effects, we need to consider a lot of factors when choosing the auxiliary gas will also become a lot of factors. From the current situation, we commonly auxiliary gases are nitrogen, oxygen, argon and compressed air. Nitrogen is of good quality, but the slowest cutting speed; oxygen cuts fast, but the quality of the cut out is poor; argon is good in all aspects, but the high cost makes it only used in special circumstances; compressed air is relatively the cheapest, but the performance is poor. Here follow the china mark laser to understand the difference between different auxiliary gases.Introduction to auxiliary gases commonly used in fibre laser cutting machines  1. NitrogenThe use of nitrogen as an auxiliary gas for cutting, will form a protective layer around the metal of the cutting material to prevent the material from being oxidized, to avoid the formation of oxide film, while further processing can be carried out directly, the end face of the incision bright white, commonly used in stainless steel, aluminum plate cutting.Introduction to auxiliary gases commonly used in fibre laser cutting machines 2. ArgonArgon and nitrogen, like inert gas, in the laser cutting can also play a role in preventing oxidation and nitriding. But the high price of argon, ordinary laser cutting of metal plates using argon is extremely uneconomical, argon cutting is mainly used for titanium and titanium alloys, etc.Introduction to auxiliary gases commonly used in fibre laser cutting machines 3. OxygenIn the cutting, oxygen and iron elements produce chemical reaction, promote the heat absorption of the metal melting, can significantly improve the cutting efficiency and cutting thickness, but due to the presence of oxygen, will produce an obvious oxide film in the cut end face, will produce quenching effect around the cutting surface, the subsequent processing caused by a certain impact, the cut end face black or yellow, mainly for carbon Steel Cutting.Introduction to auxiliary gases commonly used in fibre laser cutting machines 4. Compressed airCutting auxiliary gas if the use of compressed air, we know that the air would have been about 21% of oxygen and 78% of nitrogen, in terms of cutting speed, it is true that there is no pure oxygen flux cutting way fast, in terms of cutting quality, it is also true that there is no pure nitrogen protection cutting way good results. However, compressed air can be supplied directly from an air compressor, is more readily available compared to nitrogen, oxygen or argon, and does not carry the risk that gas leaks may cause. The most important point is that compressed air is very cheap and having a compressor with a constant supply of compressed air costs about a fraction of the cost of using nitrogen.Guangdong China cut CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling the machines as follows: Laser Engraver, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router. The products have been widely used in advertisement board, crafts and molding, architecture, seal, label, woodcutting and engraving, stonework decoration, leather cutting, garment industries, and so on. On the base of absorbing the international advanced technology, we provide the clients the most advanced production and perfect after-sale service. In recently years, our products have been sold not only in China, but also as far as Southeast Asia, Middle east, Europe, South America and other overseas Markets.

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