When you use laser cutting equipment, you all want to be able to use equipment with comparable accuracy, but its accuracy is not only related to the equipment itself, but also related to many factors. Today I will give you a specific introduction to the impact of laser cutting equipment. What are the factors of accuracy?

  • 1. The influence of the workbench. If the accuracy of the workbench is not too high, it will affect the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting equipment. There are other reasons for this, and it will also reduce its cutting accuracy. Therefore, when you buy a workbench, , Choose laser cutting equipment with higher precision.
  • 2. The shape of the beam emitted by the laser cutting equipment. When the beam emitted by the laser cutting equipment is cone-shaped, the cut gap is also cone-shaped. In this case, the gap of stainless steel with a thickness of four millimeters will be much smaller than that of stainless steel with a thickness of three millimeters. Therefore, the shape of the beam of the laser cutting equipment can also affect its cutting accuracy. Generally, under the condition of a cone-shaped laser beam, if the thickness of the workpiece is relatively large, then its drop will be lower, so that the slit will become larger and larger.
  • 3. If the cone-shaped laser beams will become smaller and smaller when they are gathered together, then its cutting accuracy will also become higher and higher, especially the size of the slit, will become smaller and smaller. Then the smallest spot at this time can reach 0.01 mm. This is also one of the main factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting equipment, this must be paid attention to.

It can be seen that there are many factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting equipment. In addition to the accuracy of the above table and the shape of the beam, it is also related to the material. The material of the laser cutting equipment is different, and their cutting accuracy is also different, but even It is the same material, if the composition of the material is not the same, it will also cause the accuracy of the cutting to be different. Therefore, the material of the equipment workpiece will also have a certain impact on the accuracy of laser cutting.

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