The CO2 laser Cutting Machine is a very efficient laser with a conversion efficiency of 10%, which is widely used for Laser cutting, welding, drilling and surface treatment. The working substance of CO2 laser is a mixture of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen. There are five main types of CO2 lasers according to the operation principle, follow the Gold mark laser to learn more.Introduction to the classification of CO2 lasersThe way in which waste heat is rejected has a great influence on the laser system design. In principle, there are two possible ways. The first way is based on automatic processing of natural diffusion of hot gas to the tube wall, operating on the principle of sealing and slow axial flow laser. The second is based on forced gas convection and operates on the principle of a fast axial flow laser. There are five main types of CO2 lasers based on the principle of operation.1. Sealed or no-flow type2. slow axial flow3. Fast axial flow4. Fast transverse flow、5. Transverse Excitation Atmosphere (TEA)Introduction to the classification of CO2 lasers1. Sealed or flow-free typeThe CO2 laser is usually marked by the laser used for beam deflection. It has a discharge tube that is completely enclosed. The quality of this laser beam is very good. Also in most cases the entire discharge tube can be replaced with a new one and the old one can be re-gassed so it is easy to maintain. This eliminates the need for a separate gas supply system. Only a few connections are needed at the laser head. So it is both compact and lightweight. However, its energy output is low (usually less than 200 watts).2. TEACO2 laser is usually used for shield making. It can only be operated in a pulsed situation. The air flow is low and the air pressure is high. The excitation voltage is about 10,000 volts. The energy distribution of this laser beam is uniform over a relatively large area. Its maximum energy can reach up to 1012 watts and its pulse width is very small. Nevertheless, due to the multi-state operation, it is difficult to concentrate this form of laser in a small spot.3. Pump power supplyFor the CW CO2 laser, in general, there are three main ways to power the pump. For example: direct current (DC), high frequency (HF), radio frequency (RF). DC power supply design is the simplest. In the high frequency power supply style electrons alternate between frequencies 20-50 kilohertz. Compared to DC, HF power supply is tighter in size and more efficient. RF power supply alternates between 2 and 100 megahertz. The voltage and efficiency are lower compared to DC.Under the impact of fiber lasers, disc lasers, semiconductor lasers and other products, although the main position of CO2 lasers no longer exists, but the same market still has many applications that other types of lasers are not capable of, only the use of CO2 lasers can, with the emergence of more than kilowatt radial polarization CO2 laser, not only more firmly established the monopoly of CO2 lasers in the medium-thick plate cutting, but also in the thin plate cutting process, will also have a higher material absorption rate than the fiber laser, which will completely change the garden polarization CO2 laser in competition with fiber lasers in the unfavorable situation.Guangdong China cut CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling the machines as follows: Laser Engraver, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router. The products have been widely used in advertisement board, crafts and molding, architecture, seal, label, woodcutting and engraving, stonework decoration, leather cutting, garment industries, and so on. On the base of absorbing the international advanced technology, we provide the clients the most advanced production and perfect after-sale service. In recently years, our products have been sold not only in China, but also as far as Southeast Asia, Middle east, Europe, South America and other overseas Markets.

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