With the continuous standardisation of welding technology and the related requirements of the industry, the traditional welding technology has become relatively backward, and the emergence of laser welding technology has been widely used by some high precision and high density manufacturing industries due to its unique advantages. Traditional welding technology lacks effective gas protection, so now fiber laser welding machines are beginning to use shielding gas to protect the molten pool during the welding process. In fact, when the welded material does not vaporise during the welding process or does not affect the quality of the product required, the shielding gas can be used without it, so what is the role of shielding gas for laser welding? Follow GOLD MARK below to find out more.
Introduction to the use of shielding gas in laser welding machines
The beneficial effects of shielding gas.

(1) Correctly blown shielding gas will effectively protect the weld pool from oxidation.
(2) Correctly blown in shielding gas will effectively reduce spatter generated during the welding process.
(3) The correct blowing in of shielding gas will promote the uniform spreading of the weld pool when it solidifies, making the weld uniform and beautiful.
(4) The correct shielding gas can effectively reduce the shielding effect of the metal vapour plume or plasma cloud on the laser, increasing the effective utilisation of the laser.
(5) Correctly blown in shielding gas can effectively reduce the weld seam porosity.
As long as the gas type, gas flow rate and blow-in method are chosen correctly, the desired effect can be achieved. However, incorrect use of shielding gas can also have an adverse effect on the weld.Introduction to the use of shielding gas in laser welding machinesAdverse effects of shielding gas.(1) Incorrectly blowing in the shielding gas may result in a poor weld.
(2) Selection of the wrong type of gas may lead to cracking of the weld and may also lead to a reduction in the mechanical properties of the weld.
(3) the wrong choice of gas blow-in flow rate may lead to more severe oxidation of the weld (either too high or too low a flow rate) and may also lead to severe disturbance of the weld pool metal by external forces resulting in collapse of the weld or uneven forming.
(4) the wrong choice of gas blow-in can result in a weld that is not protected or even essentially unprotected or have a negative effect on the weld formation
(5) Blowing in the shielding gas will have a certain effect on the weld depth, especially when welding thin plates, which will reduce the weld depth.
In summary, the use of laser welding machines for welding operations in the process of using shielding gas, according to the actual needs of users, the actual situation to make a choice, in general, the use of shielding gas can improve the aesthetics of welding and welding quality. It is recommended that we try to use shielding gas if economic conditions allow, because this can improve the competitiveness of the product.
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