Ruida 6445 Laser cutting machine TS1390Ruida 6445 is a new working system which produced by Ruida Company, before we used their Ruida 6442 system for quite a long time, but now, our customers will have another choice Ruida 6445 laser Cutting Machine.TS1390 is a CO2 laser cutting machine, mainly suggest to using for cutting acrylic, wood, plywood, leather, cloth and those kinds of nonmetal materials. This machine has the characteristics of diversified power, fast speed, convenient operation, high precision, and convenient movement. It is suitable for advertising design, architectural models, clothing fabrics, sheet processing and other industries. We can install one or two laser heads according to your work. Price different.As it is bigger size model, we suggest you choose a water chiller with this model, CW3000 type water chiller OK, if budget enough, you also can select water chiller CW5000 type, compare with CW3000, it has Refrigeration function. It can protect the laser tube during the high temperature working. Of course, machine is also like human, better have a rest at least after every four hours.If you have round materials, we will suggest you select a rotary with the laser machine, we have 3 types rotary for your choice, one is chuck rotary, the second one is four wheels rotary, we will recommend you arr cording to your detailed requirements.Here are the rotary attachment photos:Ruida 6445 Laser cutting machine TS1390

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