Preparation Principle Of Anodized Aluminum

Regarding anodization, the following will specifically explain the aspect of anodized aluminum, because it is in the knowledge system of anodization, so it cannot be omitted, and it needs a comprehensive and profound understanding.

Preparation Principle Of Anodized Aluminum
Preparation Principle Of Anodized Aluminum

Therefore, in the next time, it will be specifically developed and carried out around anodized aluminum.

What is anodized aluminum? In simple terms, it means that a dense aluminum oxide film layer is formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy or the aluminum alloy, thereby preventing the surface of the substrate from being oxidized by air or the like. However, it should be noted that this type of oxide film is slightly different from the oxide film produced by ordinary anodization, because it can be dyed by electrolytic coloring, while ordinary oxide films are not.

1.Principle of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum, its preparation principle, is for the anodic effect, also called anodizing. Due to the occurrence of the anodic effect, in general, it proceeds with the progress of the electrolytic process. Through the contact between the electrolyte and the anode, a layer of gas film with poor electrical conductivity is formed. Furthermore, the anode overvoltage increases, which causes the anode effect.

2. Production process of anodized aluminum

For anodized aluminum in anodizing, its production process is mainly: mechanical polishing-chemical treatment-cleaning and degreasing-formation of an oxide layer-dyeing-fixing.

Among them, in the cleaning and degreasing process, if the part has been anodized and needs to be re-performed, then an alkali or a special agent can be used to remove the anodized surface layer on the surface of the part. As for fixing, the specific content is to use a chromate solution or the like to close the pores of the oxide layer formed on the surface of the part, thereby providing its surface performance.

Regarding the anodized alumina in anodizing, I believe that through the above-mentioned knowledge content and specific descriptions of several aspects, everyone can learn from it, and initially understand the anodized alumina, and further, in practice, you can To make good use of it and get satisfactory results.

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