Exquisite stamps is perfect with laser punching technology

Do you know the beginning of stamps?

Rowland hill invented stamp using. Postage was expensive in England at that time. The recipient needs to pay the postage instead of sender. Hill thought it's unreasonable. He suggested reform the postal system, reduce postage. The cost was to be paid by the sender by placing a small piece of black paper on the letter. Thus was born the first stamp in the world in 6th May 1840. The government had taken hill’s advice. 

As time goes on, more and more exquisite stamps were born. Laser punching technology had participated stamps production process unconsciously.   

The animal stamps designed by Stephen Erne. It is the first time to adopt traditional folk art of China paper cutting, combined with the state-of-the-art laser punching and cutting technology to make it. Paper cutting would love the animal stamps that have fancy paper cutting design and exquisite workmanship.

It also have sweet style stamps! [Scented stamp] 2014Thailand Valentine’s Day stamp not only has heart shape hollow out, but also has gesture punching out pattern.

Laser punching 

Laser punching has advantage over cutting-die punching processing method.

First of all, it used non-contact process, no-extra consumption, no deformation, no punching directly for stamps. 

Secondly, laser punching out is depending on software graphics to finish the product. It could finish processing various of complicate figure and increase high percentage of material utilization

The laser punching effect is more clearly, it has accommodated trend of stamps manufacture technology. It could give stamps a higher value. 

Next, I will show you 2002 Hong Kong Christmas special shape hollowing stamp. 

Well, why are the stamps have so many holes? Does it have a special meaning? 

There are two kinds of stamp perforating, one is perforate the edges of each stamp with a line or comb, it mainly to convenient integration and separation of stamps. And one is gouge letters or simple holes in the center of the stamp called stamp laser punching. Government agencies or enterprises, organization in  order to leave a mark for themselves or prevent the misappropriation. 

The laser punching

The principle of laser punching is to use extremely high energy density and directional laser beams to heat material which makes material in the laser melted or gasified to form holes.

Stamp laser punching has high precision, high speed, high efficiency, strong universality, high comprehensive economic benefits and other advantages. Compare to traditional stamp punching, it has better quality and last much longer. 

As one of the key technology in the field of modern manufacturing, laser punching technology has strength in decreasing material deformation, improving processing precision and flexibility etc.

But we definitely think the laser punching technology has the advantage in technology application of stamp industry under the current circumstances. It’s magical to see! 

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