To improve the cutting efficiency of laser steel Cutting Machine and reduce cutting cost, the efficiency machine tool needs to be fully utilized. Typesetting software and laser cutting machine for iron sheet automatic programming software can help us to achieve this goal. The biggest function of the typesetting software is to improve the material utilization rate. The typesetting software arranges as many parts as possible on a board of a given size or arranges the given parts on a board as small as possible.

The typesetting software realizes co-edge cutting through co-edge nesting to achieve the efficiency of the cnc laser cutting machine fiber cutting machine tool. Co-edge cutting is to arrange the parts with long sides as long as possible in the way of long side to long side according to certain rules when optimizing the layout. When generating the cutting command, the common side part of the outer contour of these parts is only cut once . Coedge cutting is an important measure to improve the cutting efficiency and save cutting costs. In actual production, once the plate is cut, thermal deformation and movement will occur, and repeated cutting will affect the quality of the processed section.

The most commonly used cnc laser cutting machine steel cutting machine tool generally only has a laser cutting head, that is, a cutting nozzle. This requires avoiding repeated cutting of the section during the production process. According to the actual cutting process, regardless of the path sequence, the common edge of all parts is only cut once by the nozzle, and no edges are cut repeatedly. This problem of common edge cutting is solved by path planning.

After co-edge cutting is arranged according to certain rules, another problem arises: regular and irregular parts co-edge. The cutting problem after the regular and irregular parts are nested together has always been a concern for users of cnc laser cutting machine for metal. When the regular and irregular parts are on the same side, the cutting process should fully consider meeting the processing quality, processing efficiency and manufacturing cost, and follow the principle of minimum punching point and shortest cutting empty stroke.

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