Cloud computing provides dynamic, easily scalable and often virtualized resources through the Internet. Cloud computing can greatly reduce the cost of informatization, promote the popularization and application of information technology, and promote the extensive integration of industrialization and informatization, which is another revolution in the field of information technology.

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On China's Mold Manufacturing Industry

The application of cloud computing to the pdm field has very broad prospects. This is because the extensive inter-enterprise relationship makes pdm frequently applied to parallel computing. Cloud computing services are more cost-effective, and users do not need to invest in any server or Install any software, you can use the cloud to provide convenient access, promote experimentation and innovation, reduce cost uncertainty, and challenge open source information technology in the same way. The cloud pdm application built on continuous technological innovation makes enterprise innovation more With universality. “As a new concept, cloud computing is applied to enterprise R&D management software pdm, which must cover many technological innovations and the enhancement of some basic technology applications. Because enterprise management software involves the accumulation of internal management knowledge of the enterprise, such as business processes , Business data, business logic, business structure, etc.. When many new cloud computing technologies are applied to the user level, they must be integrated with the enterprise’s own management philosophy, and the value that cloud computing brings to the enterprise will gradually be reflected.” Shenzhen Luo Baihui, president of Jinmo Integrated Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., said that the application of cloud computing to the mold industry can ensure that industry customers can first enjoy the value generated by the latest technology and the latest business model. Aggregate many storage, server, network and other resources together into a large resource pool. The user side only considers the use, and does not need to consider the mid-way realization. At the same time, the mold industry can share various boundaries and maximize benefits.

Under the background of world economic integration, China’s mold industry is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. The output value of molds has jumped to the forefront of the world, and the grades of products are gradually becoming high-end and sophisticated, and the mold industry in various regions is developing strongly. Advanced manufacturing equipment and production methods are applied to the mold processing process, and 3D CAD software is applied to the mold product design. It can be said that from the hardware to the software environment, the mold industry should already have a level of competition with foreign counterparts. . However, in reality, the quality of mold products has almost stagnated, the processing period is too long, and the cost of high-end molds is higher than expected by the market. This shows that China’s mold manufacturing industry still faces many outstanding problems, the root causes of which are concentrated in:

  • (1) The scale of mold manufacturing enterprises is not large, and most mold enterprises belong to small, medium and micro enterprises. The single-piece production pattern of molds makes mold companies unable to do a lot, and many realistic conditions restrict the scale of mold companies. For a long time, most of my country’s mold companies are affiliated to molding processing companies, and small workshops can be seen everywhere.
  • (2) Individuals in the mold industry have strong professional characteristics depending on the field of manufactured products. Generally speaking, the professional fields of model companies are very narrow, and they will not be very precise in pursuing too much to expand their fields. The characteristics of most of the model companies in my country are not clear. If they want to survive better, they must arrange their future development from a more professional perspective and give full play to their expertise.
  • (3) The pressure of competition among the same industry is too great, and the profit margin is shrinking. Some mold manufacturers do not hesitate to lower the quality of their products and lower their prices to fight for living space and get a chance of survival. This not only disrupted the mold market order and caused customers to have a sense of distrust of the domestic mold industry as a whole, but also had an adverse effect on the improvement of the overall technical level of the industry, causing the level of technological development to stagnate.

The existence of these root causes has severely affected the overseas market competitiveness, technological innovation capability and profitability of China’s mold industry. Luo Baihui said that we can change our thinking, for example, to expand the business space of enterprises horizontally through the joint relationship between enterprises to win more customer groups. The best solution to these problems is to conform to the characteristics of the industry, based on the fundamentals, and integrate small, medium and micro model enterprises with different technical characteristics.

Cloud computing emphasizes the diffuseness, ubiquitous distribution and social characteristics of computing. The characteristics of cloud computing determine that this is an excellent platform resource that can solve outstanding problems faced by the mold industry. If we don’t consider the trust relationship between enterprises for the time being, we don’t even need to know who the partner is, as long as the common goal can be achieved is the goal. These characteristics of cloud computing will bring many changes to model companies. In addition to integrating and using all aspects of information computing resources, it saves a lot of costs, and more importantly, it will also change the operating mode of enterprises.

  • (1) Integration and integration. Distributed computing can organize the computers of related companies located all over the Internet through the cloud. We use the computers in the public cloud like the workstation terminals located in our own company, which will bring great convenience to the work of the company. , This process is seamless, especially for small, medium and micro model enterprises. Without the help of external resources such as cloud computing, there is almost no room for expansion of their technical capabilities. In the era of cloud computing, no matter how small a company has its own characteristics, it can be reborn. As an existing large-scale leading model enterprise, it will also reflect the core role of Zhongxingpengyue in the cloud.
  • (2) Sharing. Including within a limited scope, ** sharing, technical resource sharing, and specially formulated processing resource sharing. The application of cloud computing to the pdm field of enterprise information elements is almost a match made in heaven. The realization of cross-enterprise macro product information management in the cloud is conducive to sublimation of cross-enterprise standardization work, complementary design resources, and contribute to further technological innovation. Good foreshadowing.
  • (3) Collaboration. Considering the future business model of model enterprises, enterprises will inevitably need to cooperate more and more with leaders in the industry and small areas. This includes understanding its main business issues and ensuring the consistency of success criteria. In the cloud era, any enterprise can become the leader of a certain project and maximize its effect under the traction of the cloud.

Therefore, cloud technology can naturally change the competitive relationship between model companies into a collaborative relationship, and it is not just a simple collaboration. The operation of cloud technology is most suitable for docking with the pdm of the current enterprise internal informatization process.

PDM (product data management) technology is a technology that manages all product-related information and all product-related processes. The core idea of pdm is the orderly design of data, the optimization of the design process and the sharing of resources. It is a very broad comprehensive discipline that puts the latest management concepts in the information age, using information technology tools, into product realization. Based on this concept, Luo Baihui pointed out that the informatization of the manufacturing industry has become an irreversible trend and trend. It is more realistic and urgent to rely on cloud technology to establish a collaborative body for mold processing than ever before. Relying on collaborative bodies to improve quality and innovative technology It is undoubtedly the best choice to use pdm technology running in the cloud to realize this initiative. The problem of role sharing in the collaborative body:

  • (1) The first is the contractor. The main mold processing enterprises will undertake the work, undertake the development and production of the mold main body or assign tasks, and complete the final overall responsibility.
  • (2) Share the processing side. This role can be played by mold processing companies in the same position. In the past, due to various concerns, the main body of the mold was often completed in the same factory. Now, the collaboration between the cloud technology and the cooperation can be further related. Avoid these worries, better interpret design concepts and intentions, and make shared processing a reality.
  • (3) Part and mold standard parts contributor. It should be said that this part has been realized before cloud computing, and after it is placed in the cloud, it can be more scientific in terms of settlement, cost control, and schedule management. This is also very meaningful.
  • (4) Design plan verification undertaker, this role can be undertaken by competent mold development manufacturers or scientific research institutes and other institutions, so that the development progress and plan accuracy can be guaranteed. Before the cloud era, even if we realized that there was such a method, it was very difficult to operate.

In these role sharing, we will find that for a specific enterprise, its role can be changed, which is exactly what cloud computing is good at, which increases the flexibility and market adaptability of the collaboration.

Then what needs to be discussed is the operation mode of the collaboration. Any processing company in the mold collaboration in the cloud era can take on the general contract, and then the general contractor will issue the contract, and the content of the contract includes the entire mold contract and partial contract. Including the outsourcing of mold main body or parts processing, design and scheme verification and improvement, etc., which involve all aspects of the mold business chain, according to the development rhythm of the general contractor, the most important point is In this process, we must strive to maximize the interests of all parties, and the final general responsibility must be the general contractor.

Finally, it is necessary to complete the transportation, security, payment and other agreements in advance to ensure that the collaborative body operates in a trusted manner. Cloud computing actually splices model enterprises into a virtual large enterprise, implementing the reality of a large enterprise, while retaining the characteristics of small enterprises and the advantages of flexibility. Collaboration organized through the cloud will be different from traditional enterprises. The new method will be even more superior. In addition, the establishment of a trusting relationship is very important. It is very important to conduct business cooperation on the basis of mutual recognition of technical capabilities and ethical standards. The cooperative body established in this way is stable.

Cloud computing applications in the mold industry first appeared in large foreign mold parts suppliers. Many software companies are aware of the huge business opportunities that cloud computing is about to bring about huge changes to the manufacturing industry. In addition to mold parts suppliers, some large mold companies have also opened up cloud pdm functions on their public websites to facilitate customers to understand the company’s mold specifications. These attempts have just begun. With the emergence of more and more new technologies, pdm The terminal application will become more and more extensive.

In just a few years, cloud technology has completely changed the information technology environment between enterprises. The rapid changes in technology and the continuous changes in the business environment will further promote the rapid development of cloud in the relationship between model companies. In addition, with the fundamental transformation of the IT consumption life cycle, the new challenges that companies are facing will become driving forces, driving model companies to move forward in the flood of informatization. Different from other manufacturing industries, individual companies in the mold industry have distinct professional characteristics, but they are not conducive to facing the complex requirements of customers. This requires a spirit of collaboration between each other, although this is not the current mode of operation of mold companies. But we should believe that this will be the mainstream way in the information age.

The emergence of cloud computing in the mold industry may completely change the operating mode of the mold industry. Many opponents who are still in fierce competition today may become teammates working side by side tomorrow. This is not a contradiction, but it will be better. Reflects the synergy advantage of the mold industry. We also fully believe in the power of cloud computing. Only the special industry of molds can best reflect this characteristic. It is almost unimaginable to achieve success in the information age without realizing this relationship and relying on weak individuals to work hard.

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